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Brunch Recommendation in Toronto, Please!


I'm looking for brunch recommendations for a birthday, I know, i know, there are 98269473 threads about this but I haven't found one that suits my needs...

• Brunch for a group of 10-15 (which means i'd like them to take a reservation)
• Vegan friendly a must
• Meat friendly a must

something in the vein of Hoof Cafe, Mitzi's on College

• extra points for exceptional french toast option

help a girl out, please!

Where to find fondant in Toronto?

That would be great!
Have you used the recipe before?

Where to find fondant in Toronto?

Hi Toronto Chowhounders!

Just wondering if anyone can point me into the direction of a downtown (preferable annex/lil italy/kensington area) shop that I can get ready-to-use fondant?

From searching on the internet, the most recommended place to find some would be the craft store Michael's... sadly, these big box stores are not super accessible to me. I've also found some homemade recipes but having never worked with it before, I'd like to check out consistency and suss out the real thing before I delve into making my own.


coconut covered marshmallows

Thanks for all the suggestions!

coconut covered marshmallows


i'm making a super secret thanksgiving surprise for my first annual American Thanksgiving (in toronto) and my treat requires coconut covered marshmallows but I can't seem to find any at my local grocery store.

Are they a specialty item?
Does anyone know where I can find some?