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Coffee in the SFV

Okay, I know there was a discussion somewhere but I can't seem to get the right keywords to bring up the thread. It's also been a while since I've browsed the forum. Any new "3rd wave" coffee shops in the SFV?

Dec 23, 2011
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Westwood Farmers market - anyone been lately?


Interested in checking out this market. Went there once when they were still in Westwood Village, never been to the new one off Sepulveda. Anyone been laterly that can give me your thoughts on it?

Thanks in advance

Aug 22, 2010
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Going to Din Tai Fung tomorrow, what should I order?

Thanks everybody. Did not make it to DTF that day! Ended up going to Don Dae Gam in K-town. But putting these recs in my phone for this weekend.

I like Rswenson's recommendation to order one XLB (thanks QualityMart for rehash!) for each person! It does go too fast with each person only getting like two dumplings, just not enough, for me at least.

Shrimp fried rice seems like a safe bet at a lot of places, would like to see how it tastes there.

Is the chicken soup like the Korean samgyetang? (chicken stuffed with ginseng, rice, dates and other stuff).

Jan 25, 2010
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Going to Din Tai Fung tomorrow, what should I order?

Okay, I did a search but nothing really with recommendations. I've been there once and had their dumplings which we will order and someone said their shrimp fried rice is great so will try that.

My coworker said to for sure get their red bean steamed buns for dessert. Anything else special to this place that we should try?

Thanks in advance

Jan 22, 2010
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Sherman Oaks: is there any place worth crossing the hills for?

I like Salsa & Beer on White Oak and Vanowen. Las Fuentes is good also and seems to be a Chowhound stand-by.

Jun 29, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Banh Mi & Che Cali in San Gabriel?

I've been going to this Bahn mi che cali about every other week and yes, they're progressively getting worse.

What happened to Baguette Express?

Apr 02, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area

I want to try foie gras...

You can try it at Orris and at Robata-ya, both in the same building on Sawtelle. They are smaller, appetizer dishes, perfect for giving it a try. I'm no expert, but they were both very good.

Apr 02, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area

urasawa....too expensive? help!

My brother loves sushi and he was visiting for the holidays and I also got a commission bonus so I thought we'd go to Urasawa. I got on the wait list a week before Christmas and luckily, the 6:00 pm party cancelled. We were in! I had old information and thought the price per person to be $250.00 so I thought no sweat, it's a definite splurge but from all the raves I've been hearing for years, I had to go. Plus with my brother and it being the holidays, why not?

Amazing meal, amazing service, expert preparation as a master watchmaker putting together a complicated movement,. As everyone says, Hiro is an excellent host, personable and speaking with him throughout the meal, we got to know him a little bit and got an idea of how much he values quality and doing things well.

We had two bottles of sake, one bottle of water and I was stuffed, I could barely finish the desert. The bill came out and brother could not himself but gasp. The bill came out to about $830.00!! With tip, it was just under $1,000.00. The price per person was $325.00.

So several weeks later and I get my credit card bill. My wife looks it over and from her line of quesitoning, I can tell I'm in trouble. She can't believe it was just my brother and I and thinks I'm having an affair! I'm flabbergasted... It's ridiculous but it's still an on-going thing right now. It's funny how this great experience opened up a can of worms for me on the domestic front.

In one way or another, I will never forget this meal, for its excellence, the devotion to quality by the proprietor, and the aftermath afterwards. It is worth every penny.

Jan 19, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area


Ever since I read this thread, I've been jonesing for oysters. Now that I've ready your reply, I've gotta try it. thanks for sharing.

Jan 10, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Mitsuwa Little Tokyo Closing 1/25/09

My bad, yes, the Japanese Village plaza as you mentioned above and it is a Nijiya Market!

Jan 04, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Mitsuwa Little Tokyo Closing 1/25/09

I am surprised that comlex is surviving this long. The restaurants will be missed, but hopefully they can find new locations nearby. There is another Mitsuwa in the village area as well as a newly remodeled Marukai across the street.

Jan 03, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area


Very nice write up. I recently had the pleasure of dining there for the first time just before Christmas. I'm not that much of an epicure but this is perhaps the best dining experience of my life. Hiro is such an amiable, personable host and amazingly precise as a chef. I did not notice it while I was there but noticed in your pictures of your most recent visit that his knife is positioned pretty much the same way in each shot, blade away from him, tip to the left.

Thanks for shainrg.

Jan 03, 2009
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Orris & Robata-Ya Tables

My family and I went to Robata-ya on a fluke (the line at Chabuya was too long!). I think we went there before it blew up here on Chowhound so we were able to be seated right away.

Dec 18, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Have you ever had those peppers at Tacos Baja Ensenada?

those are good. I got so used to them not being hot, one of them surprised me which was really, really hot.

Dec 07, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Banh Mi & Che Cali in San Gabriel?

I dropped by there last week. I was on my way to Tops but saw their "2 for 1" deal banner and had to drop by. i pictured myself having two delicious bahn mi sandwiches. Alas, it was 2 for 1 for boba drinks.

anyways, I order a special sandiwch and one of those puffy pastries with chicken pate inside. Both very tasty and a Vietnamese iced coffee to wash it all down.

since this place is on my route, I'll probably drop by more often.

Jul 21, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

hook'd on fish - encino

Agree with other posters. It's pretty good. I like their rice pilaf.

Jun 08, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Noodle houses in SFV - San Fernando Valley?

Try Koraku in Sherman Oaks (NEC Van Nuys and Ventura), in the same plaza with El Torito). They are a ramen house but serve other entrees as well. I had their steak dish which arrived on those sizzling skillets and a huge pat of garlic butter. Not bad. My wife enjoyed the combo ramen but I didn't think much of it.

If you have not tried pho, I highly reocmmend Pho So 1 in Van Nusy (NEC Victory & Sepulveda). Pho is Vietnamese noodle soup. Excellent. Egg rolls are good too and they have entrees as wel.

Mar 08, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Best Korean Soup Noodle?

Antigin myun is one of our faves. Shin ramyun is god too and very spicy (it has a large, single Chinese character - meaning "shin"). Neoguri is not bad either. Those are the kinda "regular" ramyuns. nowadays, they've got tons of new flavors, which I know nothing about.

Mar 08, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Yoshi's in Sherman Oaks

It's pretty good. My wife and I used to go regularly until our baby was born. I've only had their beef shabu shabu but they have chicken and a seafood as well as sukiyaki.

Jan 22, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Mojito's Resto & Rum Bar review w/Pics (Pasadena)

Thanks for sharing. Funny how we feel compelled to give a disclaimer when we really like something and want to let everyone know! I do it too.

Jan 09, 2008
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Who's got the best Ma Po Tofu?

Dong Chun Hong
1143 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(323) 732-4884

This is a Chinese-Korean restaurant but their mapo tofu is excellent, from a Korean viewpoint, that is. Very spicy.

Dec 29, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Best Burger in LA?

I just had the bacon and cheddar burger from Brent's Deli (northridge) last night. It was excellent. I ordered it to go, good thing because the line for sitting was almost out the door when I got there. When I called, they asked me how I wanted it cook - medium. One pound of beef (before cooking), the patty was about an inch thick, cheddar cheese melted into a nice gooey congeal - shaped thingy, grilled onions, fresh onions, shredded lettuce, several large tomato slices, and lots of pickle slices, all on a soft bakery bun and a bag full of fat steak fries. Oh man, that was good.

I've tried the Tops Kobe in SGV and I must say I like the Brent's burger better. Simple, classic, and tasty.

Dec 02, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

reasonable café in/near Koreatown where one can study?

the only cafe I've been to recently is Cafe Americano on the NWC Wilshire & Wilton. It's main draw for me was free wifi. It's small so seating is limited.

Nov 30, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

westside chinese food

I ate at Little Hong Kong Cafe two weeks ago and had the Mongolian beef, very tasty as always.

I know it's not popular, but the place on the 2nd flr. on Santa Monica, just east of Sepulveda, Jin Liang's I believe, is pretty good. Their cod with black sauce was much fresher than the one at Hop Woo's. Decently priced lunch specials...

Nov 27, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Koreatown - Eun Daegu Jorim recs?

Dae Bok serves this dish well and I believe is their specialty. This is one of those OG K-town places. Pretty pricey tho.

2010 James M. Wood St, near Alvarado

Nov 14, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

bibim naeng myun addict needs recs

If you like this, I'm sure you'll like the bibim gook soo at Myong Dong Gyoza (SWC Wilshire & Kingsley). Very spicy, and very potent kimchi.

Be sure to try their steamed dumplings (I believe it's the signature dish, hence the "gyoza" in their name, although not really gyoza but more like shumai!)

Nov 09, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

ISO Chinese take-out in the Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown area

I'm not sure if there are any genuine Chinese restaurants but of the Korean-style, down on Olympic by Kinglsey there's Young King on the south side of the street and Shin Peking on the north side. Also Dragon on Vermont, just north of Olympic.

Over on Western south of Olympic, there's Dong Chun Hong, which is pricier, but very tasty. It's the in the same plaza as "What the pho" (?)

Nov 07, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Where do you get your pre-marinated Korean BBQ?

I've posted this on another thread but Seoul Market on Reseda & Saticoy (NEC) in the San Fernando valley is really good. IMO much better than Galleria, HK, California, & Assi. Never tried Trader Joe's although I did buy the marinade in a bottle, just didn't seem appealing enough to open and try.

Nov 02, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Great Food In The West Valley??

I've always had a good meal at King's Fish House in Calabasas. Service might not be the best all the time, but food is excellent. If you go on a busy night, sit at the bar area. They have tables too and you can sit right away if there's an empty table.

Oct 24, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area

Steak House Kizuna?

I don't know. I can't remember if it stated as Kobe beef. It was good though.

Oct 17, 2007
ladius in Los Angeles Area