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Muskegon, MI area: requests

I will be relocating to the Muskegon area for two months and was curious if anyone had any suggestions - restaurant, market, specialty shop, wine/beer vendor, etc.

Any pointers will be much appreciated!
Grazie mille.

Nov 10, 2009
kiddicoblr in Great Lakes

1st arr: budget/best value

I have just arrived for a month in Paris and have set up shop in an apartment near St. Eustache, and am trolling for any budget and/or good value recommendations for graduate-student budget in the area. Cafes, patisseries, bistros, and general food-related wisdom would be greatly welcomed. In order to give a general idea for meals (obviously there is some wiggle room when it comes to shops): when dining out I hope to spend 5-10E on breakfast, 10-15E on lunch and about 20E for dinner.

Merci beaucoup!

Nov 23, 2008
kiddicoblr in France