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Camping Karma

Camping with friends can be a real treat. or the worst experience in your life.
I do have simular stories, and thats why I have a short list of people i choose to camp with. shopping together is key. Bringing too much food is not. Every list that you make for food with with the fellow campers should be cut in half. I have seen and have had so much food left over that goes to spoil "unless you are camping with heavy eaters" one thing I never lack on is the fluids, I normally have one cooler desingated just for fluids "if i am car camping" and the fluids are in bulk containers,
cups are issued with sharpie labled names with a few extra cups for misshaps. this cuts down on waste and bees. But just incase you are camping with some one you dont really know feed your self, and let them take care of them selves. you never know what you brought may just fit purfect with what they have. If not smores allways makes end of the night a bit better. Try a peanut butter cup on yous next time.

Jul 29, 2009
grady71 in Features

Three Cheese Mac and Cheese with Panko Bread Crumb Topping

I will belive in the cheese

Dec 12, 2008
grady71 in Recipes