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Lacroix Passionfruit?

was going to say target watertown-pineapple strawberry delicious mixer for an adult bevvie :)

Jul 18, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Brunch in Metrowest?

theres a zaftigs in natick/framingham

Jun 28, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

woods hill table (concord)-a rave

great service-excellent food-great decor

*2 cocktails-well crafted with hard to find liquors, house made bitters etc awesome wine list-all sustainable, organic, or biodynamic

* crackers with hummus-complimentary, a nice bit of heat from aleppo pepper
*made to order demi baguette with grass fed butter (wow) and whipped maple pork fat (heavenly).

Husband got the burger-loved it-the fries are "tallow" fries-crispy, salty, soft in the middle. perfect.
i had the house made pork belly.mushroom sausage with bacon/scallion smashed potatoes and sweet/sour fennel. delicious. You could actually see the mushrooms in the sausage, clearly a well made full sausage it was exactly as described.

chocolate mousse dessert- a great way to finish the meal. and had i known they gave you 2 house made chocolates with your check we might have skipped the highly indulgent mousse.

everything's local, and extremely fresh-a true farm to table experience.
a really nice night out :)

Jun 28, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Spaghetti & Meatballs

just had the meatballs at coppa a few weeks ago and they are fantastic. the sauce is delicious.

Jun 14, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

coppa,blue dragon, myers and chang

Just me and my husband ... And I do think we'll stick with coppa and hopefully get a seat outside :) 730 reservation on a Tuesday has me hopeful!

May 25, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

coppa,blue dragon, myers and chang

all of these are on my go to list...
birthday is coming up figured id try one...
but which one?!
i love a good a charcuterie plate
but have a slight obsession with all flavors asian.

May 25, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Nduja in Boston??

moody's has it....
spicy spicy spicy. good.

May 10, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Best in Watertown?

i'd love to know the answer to this!

Jan 04, 2015
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Batavia Arrack in Boston area?

martinetti's (spelling sorry)on soldiers field...
its opposite the bailey's /chocolate liquors...

Dec 31, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

St Elizabeth allspice dram

martinetti's (spelling) on soldiers field has it. right next to the batavia arrack that someone was asking about last week....

Dec 31, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

"Real" Eggnog

was at fairsted kitchen in washington square last night....they made a batch and after my husband and i were drooling they offered us a sample. light, boozy and delicious.

Dec 24, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Besito (Chestnut Hill)

my friend and i went during the soft opening and spent 31 -total.
we had the same guac that is seriously lacking in citric acid.
althought we both really enjoyed the same meal you had-i loved the steak tacos, and they were served very hot.
not sure ill go back though...for 90 bucks.
31 total sure.

Nov 09, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Russo's vs. Whole Foods

On 2 seperate occasions, 2 different cashiers have told me that they are the supplier for Whole Foods for many items....any truth to this??

Sep 16, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Is Whole Food in Newtonville trying to be Wegmans?

i like the new layout, it seems like a few of them in the area are getting make overs.
i find it a much better use of space and im a big fan of the overpriced juice bar. sometimes, its just easier to buy it hehe.

Aug 18, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Bagels coming to Cambridge?

when in last week, the woman in front of me asked if she was staying in bline village when cambridge opens and she said yes.

Jul 22, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Cha Yen Thai, Watertown

just stopped in..
prikking chicken (chicken, green beans, kaffir lime,curry)-pretty spicy for me, good flavor but again pretty spicy. some lime juice might have been nice and wouldve added some if i had it at home.
basil fried rice: also spicy, but was offset with some ground chicken which i wasnt really expecting.not a terribly great way to review a dish buuuuut the grease factor was just right on the rice.yum.
i like a little spice, but this was a lot for me.
im going to stop in again for sure but ill make sure to tell them not as spicy :)

Jul 05, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Moody's banh mi

So true. I don't know what I ate. I never had anything that tasted like this but every bite I took, the flavors in and around my mouth just made sense. So Good. Big fan of everything (so far) that Moody's does.

May 08, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Tripe Italian style

Milano's - Orient Heights section of East Boston.

May 08, 2014
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Korean BBQ

Where can I get Korean BBQ? We'd like to cook at the table and have yummy banchan. I was looking at Korean garden in Allston. I don't mind Chinatown, but sometimes it's just not feasible. Allston, Brighton, Cambridge....even somewhere like Burlington, Dedham,natick....

Dec 31, 2013
cookfood in Greater Boston Area

Different types of pesto needed

I recently made some sage pistachio pesto- it was great over butternut squash gnocchi! Arugula pistachio is another fave.

Dec 19, 2013
cookfood in Home Cooking

Smokin' Christmas!

Mmmm those potatoes sound great!

Dec 14, 2013
cookfood in Home Cooking

Smokin' Christmas!

I'm thinking Brussel sprouts as I search tastespotting.... Mmmm hush puppies.... Now I want Mac and cheese!

Dec 14, 2013
cookfood in Home Cooking

Smokin' Christmas!

This Christmas we're smoking ribs and sausages for dinner. Our job is sides- I'm thinking 2. I'm also thinking some sides that are a little heartier and comfort food like for winter. I love baked in laws etc don't do beans :( I was thinking a corn casserole.... Or something like spoon bread- not sure if I'm thinking of the right thing, but a cornbread pudding almost. Any other suggestions?

Dec 14, 2013
cookfood in Home Cooking

Baked Goods as Gifts For Teachers, Etc.

This is a great idea!

Dec 10, 2013
cookfood in General Topics

Baked Goods as Gifts For Teachers, Etc.

I'm a teacher... I'm probably not eating your baked goods. As in other years the parents pull together and donate money to the classroom fund and maybe a gift card or two for me and my staff. I'd much rather have a nice card .... Or even bring us coffee one day.
Sorry but no baked goods.

* after reading a few of these posts- we have had parents gET together and do big lunch for the building. We really appreciated that :)

The Great Pumpkin has descended on TJs!!!!

yay to the croissants in general !!

a NAY to the pumpkin spice chai latte mix-the salted caramel was my favorite treat. the pumpkin spice-blech.but I LOVE the pumpkin spice roobios!

the pumpkin seed/cranberry pita chips are yummy but i wont go running back to the store when the run out.

mini pumpkin pies are very tasty! 1 for dessert is just enough (some days haha).

the pumpkin granola is also good on yogurt-id buy it again.

Oct 19, 2013
cookfood in Chains

Renal Diet, No Citrus, Gluten Free

thank you for the responses-hes not on dialysis, but has a myriad of issues and the potassium is a huge issue.
i think braising with polenta is a great idea.
seems simple enough -but yet thoughtful.
i will post on the special diet board as well

Oct 12, 2013
cookfood in Home Cooking

Renal Diet, No Citrus, Gluten Free

this is our challenge for having the inlaws for dinner on Friday.
i think i need to do a little more research online and maybe we can come up with something.
we had great ideas (stuffed mushrooms, homemade potato chips with homemade onion dip, arancini to name a few)
We don't have a ton of time on Friday afternoon before they come over, I was thinking a simple roast chicken or something like that but boyfriend (we've been together 7 years, they are inlaws) is not impressed with that.
but at this point simple might be best.


Oct 12, 2013
cookfood in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - September 2013 [old]

had a few girlfriends and babies over for brunch this weekend-
it was very trader joes themed haha. it was just so easy,
but the croissants (almond, chocolate and pumpkin) got RAVE reviews. They were delicious I must say-take them out of the freezer let them proof, throw them in the oven....
warm flaky tender. yum. these little treats might become friends with my freezer (not my waistline thought).

Sep 30, 2013
cookfood in Chains

Dinner near Barclay's Center in Brooklyn

I was just in BK last weekend but im not totally sure of where these are in relation: (these are both within a block or two of eachother)

Bevacco (Debi Mazar's, the actress, husband-Gabriele)-it looked casual but nice, italian-not red sauce italian per se. yummy sounding pizza's and pastas.

Jack The Horse Tavern-stopped in and got drinks-great happy hour cocktails, everyones dinner looked and smelled great!! Cute place tucked away next to beautiful brownstones-a few blocks up and the best view of manhattan!! VERY close to the brooklyn bridge.

Sep 27, 2013
cookfood in Outer Boroughs