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Dinner Thursday west side in the 60's-70's

Cafe Ronda - Argentine Steak, burgers, etc. (but Peruvian chef who always has a delicious ceviche appetizer) - Columbus at 72
Epices - Morrocan - 71st at Columbus
Dan - B'way at ummm .. 68th? Very tasty classic Japanese (yummy nabeyakiudon on a cold night)
Ollie's - Cantonese - b'way 68th
All State Cafe - 72nd between WEA and B'way - neighborhood spot/dive bar/tasty, but not special, food
Saffire - Indian B'way and 61-62

Oct 02, 2007
debola in Manhattan

Dinner near Grand Central?

Ammos Estiatorio is a wonderful Med/Greek restaurant 1/2 block from the West Entrance of GC on Vanderbilt and 45th. Great fish, yummy mezze.

Also Pera Brasserie is a new Turkish/Med place on Madison between 41st and 42nd. Pretty room and great lamb.

Sep 27, 2007
debola in Manhattan

PJ Clarke's = PJ Clueless

How about the crabcakes? East Side PJ Clarks gets raves for their crabcakes. I'm willing to go and drink a warm beer there if they serve those great crab cakes...

Jun 13, 2007
debola in Manhattan

Need Romantic Anniversary Restaurant with no funny food

Smith and Wollensky's romantic?
I'd take Union Square Cafe any night. Amazing, warm service, great "NYC" vibe, fab food.
Or what about the garden out back at Blue Hill (does it still have a garden?)
Though they did serve me 'milk-fed' poultry when I was there last...

Jun 13, 2007
debola in Manhattan

Where's the Daisy May Cart ?

There's generally one on 59th St. just east of Lex (by Bloomingdales)

Nov 14, 2006
debola in Manhattan

Trying to impress in the Financial District

I've been asked for recommendations on top notch, expense account dining in the Financial District (lunch/dinner). I worked on Wall Street in the '80s -'90s when it was poor pickings unless you had access to a club or corporate dining room. It looks like 14 Wall St (the old La Tour D'Or)and Delmonico's still make the list, but what else? Resort to a limo to Tribeca/SoHo for anything other than steak?

Nov 13, 2006
debola in Manhattan

Grocery/deli shopping near Times Sq

Grand Central Market in Grand Central Station isn't Times Square per se, but it's a nice stroll, or 1 stop on the Shuttle across 42nd Street, and the food hall that runs out towards LExington Avenue will meet your 'tasty morsel' quotient.

If you like things Japanese, there's a small Japanese food market and good take out tidbits on the south side of East 41st Street, just east from the NY Public Library (there are several storefronts - check them all out).

And if you have a real bagel craving, H&H Bagels is on 46th Street and 12th Ave. (A hike, but this is the factory, so they'll be amazingly fresh. No seating, but they do sell appropriate schmeers, drinks, etc.)

Sep 15, 2006
debola in Manhattan

Outdoor cafe near Grand Central

Pershing Square has outdoor seating in summer and is just out the south exits of Grand Central

Bryant Park (a couple long blocks east) of GC has lots of outdoor seating and miscellaneous food options you pass on teh way.

Aug 11, 2006
debola in Manhattan

HELP! Moving to GM Building

I used to work on Lex at 57th, so was willing to head further east.

The Japanese grocer, Katagiri on 59th between 2nd and 3rd has good bento boxes, reasonable sushi and puts together soba/udon to go.

Teodoro 57th just east of Lex has excellent homemade pasta and other treats

Opia became my de facto "nice lunch spot" with friends because menu was wide enough to satisfy many appetites

And if you want a great view, good food and can handle a "ladies who lunch" scene, check out ASTRA in the D&D building (979 3rd Ave), Charlie Palmer's catering business serves lunch weekdays, and since you pay in advance you can get in/out quickly.

Aug 07, 2006
debola in Manhattan