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Seduced by La Pricess Calabrese`s 9`` pie in the sky

I was out with a friend on a heatwave evening, looking for something not too heavy, filling and delicious to eat. Now, I have to say, I love food with flavor! We ended up on St. Denis, after driving around for almost one hour, scoping packed after over packed terrace, where I wasn`t even sure if I would enjoy the food. My craving called `` Pizza``, so we passed the red`` Tomato`` sign, wich looked yummy, went down the street, came back to Tomato. By the way it`s name as we all know, is famous for the great pronounciation debate,which we had upon entering, lol! I Looked at the menue, tried to decide what pizza or mix to choose. I finaly decided on La Princess with calabrese. OMG, I am addicted to it now! What a pie, I keep thinking of La Princess Calarese and when we will meat again. Oh and her garlic was good too. If you like it spicy, I highly recomend La Princess with calabrese!!!
Tomato was a nice unpretencious place to hang out too.

4319 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2K9, CA


I went 2 3Amigos on sat, and i ate so much flavorful food with hot guys running around. What a yumy lastsecond decision treat!!!!!! Next time I will take pics!!!