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Pizza Margherita: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2015

Una Pizza is the only place. End of story.

Tokyo & Kyoto Eating Plan (Reservation Secured!)

How far in advance did you book Ishikawa and Hatsunezushi? I tried both two months in advance and failed :(

Mar 16, 2015
mutton biryani in Japan

Where to eat with a large group (9 people)


It's in a shite part of town but is my go-to place for large groups. No disappointed punters yet.

Central Kitchen [Potr'ission, San Francisco]

Excellent writeup - thank you!

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

Indeed; Mexican food in the UK is rubbish. Thanks!

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

Indeed. Good Burmese food is present in London. On the other hand, modern California is certainly not.

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

Thanks for the suggestion!

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?


SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

No pizza as decent pizza can be had in London, but the rest of your list is great - it's obvious you speak from experience! :)

I live in Noe so that's an added bonus. Thank you!

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

Thanks for your thoughtful notes and suggestions! I shall look into them.

They honestly don't care about formality or location (are willing to taxi anywhere).

SF restaurant fit for foodies and 3-year-olds?

My sister and her husband are visiting from London with their 3 year old. They are both foodies and would like to have a good meal they are unlikely to find in London, with 3 year old in tow. Any ideas? Perhaps somewhere like AQ (though I don't know if they tolerate little kids)? Halp.

Pavlova, Eton Mess or other meringue-based desserts in SF or East Bay

Had a good Eton Mess at 'Hog & Rocks' in the Mission two weeks ago.

In typical SF fashion, it wasn't the first thing anyone familiar with Eton Mess would imagine, but the core elements were all there and it was rather tasty.

Udon Mugizo (Japantown, San Francisco)

How did your friends like it? I really hope this is decent - everything in 'Japantown' is mediocre.

Good Lebanese food in San Francisco?

Robert's recommendations looks promising. Another candidate is Mazzat: I haven't been to either one.

Gluten-free fish and chips?

Does your friend have celiac disease?

New Pal's at La Movida has Lao sausage sandwich [San Francisco]

Pal's is my favourite sandwich place. Jeff cracks me up.

Thanks for letting us know on the move! I'm sad as it's further away from me and the burgers may not return :(

Report on Yemeni's [San Francisco]

Unfortunately I am not a regular - I have only been once but hope to change that. I had the haneed which I thoroughly enjoyed. There's a spicy green-chilli mush that goes really well with it whose name I cannot recall (I was with a friend who asked for it).

Looking for some new spots in Mission/Noe Valley area [San Francisco]

Izakaya Yuzuki!

French Laundry and Meadowood on the SAME day?!?! [Napa Valley]

lol at your first sentence

Saha - bursting with creativity [San Francisco]

I will check it out! Tuba in the Mission also offers it as a dessert, but it's only ok.

Saha - bursting with creativity [San Francisco]

There isn't! Sorry, I should not have put the word 'cheese' in there - it looks like a confusing qualifier.

Saha - bursting with creativity [San Francisco]

Ravioli, bastilla, mansaf, suidiyeh (A+ for this one), and kanafe for dessert. Unfortunately cheese kanafe is a rare find in the city (I am a kanafe fiend so this makes me rather sad).

I am yet to properly try their chicken/duck dishes.

I love maklouba but unfortunately theirs is made with tofu (San Francisco, sigh) rather than mutton, so I haven't tried it. Perhaps next time I'll ask them if they could switch the tofu for mutton.

Not to derail the conversation but Yemeni's down the street from Saha is also delicious though on the other end of the spectrum - rustic in both food and atmosphere. I had dinner there once and momentarily forgot I was in America.

Saha - bursting with creativity [San Francisco]

I love this place. It's one of my go-to's for a group dinner. The food is very much 'fusion' but who cares - it's delicious.

Yume Wo Katare Style Ramen in NYC

Nope. You won't find it anywhere else in the US, except one place in LA that seems weak judging by the pictures.

(as others have said, it's Jiro Ramen that originated in Tokyo; nothing to do with Kyoto. The only relation the food at Yume has to Kyoto is that the owner comes from there)

Jun 20, 2014
mutton biryani in Manhattan

Report on Yemeni's [San Francisco]


Moving to SF - Critique my list of neighborhood must-trys?

What is your favourite for burgers in the city? I love Mission Bowling Club's.

9 best sandwiches in the Mission, SF - what do you think?

Pal's is A+ doubleplus good

Benkyodo in San Francisco's Japantown [San Francisco]

Thanks for pointing this out! I take a Japanese class nearby on Saturdays so I will check it out next time.

Kansui Ramen in San Jose [Goat Pastrami, Pumpernickel Noodles, Willow Glen]

Seems to match my experience in the US.

Kansui Ramen in San Jose [Goat Pastrami, Pumpernickel Noodles, Willow Glen]

Very informative Melanie; you are a boon to this board.

Your last question cracks me up. Sadly I am yet to have decent biryani anywhere I have lived in the US (DC, Boston, and now SF). I am convinced that Indian/Pakistani food in the US is rather mediocre. If the gems exist, they are probably difficult to find.