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All Appetizer Seder

We're having a non-traditional seder and I'd like to serve everything appetizer-style. Some ideas we've come up with already: kugel in mini muffin tins, horseradish crusted salmon bites, gefilte fish terrine, and maybe brisket skewers with olives...Anyone out there have any other creative ideas? Big thanks!!!

Apr 12, 2011
lfkohn in Kosher

Good Ceviche Downtown?


122 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

Mar 03, 2011
lfkohn in Manhattan

Need a "fancy" salmon loaf recipe!

Desperately seeking a salmon loaf recipe that is a little fancier than the rest - maybe with crab, shrimp and a dill sauce? Or maybe a loaf with interesting spices?

Does anyone have a good salmon loaf recipe?

Big thanks!

Jun 19, 2010
lfkohn in Home Cooking

Blue Hill/Stone Barns OR Basement Bistro

Acknowledging that it is difficult to get reservations at both Blue Hill/Stone Barns and at Basement Bistro....and I only have the time and patience to try to get resys at one....for which one should I bust my arse to get reservations?

Help! Why isn't there a single good chinese delivery restaurant in the East Village?

We order from Yummy House at least once a week and are NEVER disappointed.

Yummy House
76 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Apr 01, 2010
lfkohn in Manhattan

Lunch Recommendations Near the New York Red Cross

We are taking a CPR/first aid course at the Red Cross of Greater New York on 49th between 10th and 11th tomorrow. Does anyone have any recommendations for lunch in the area?

Thanks in advance!

Sep 21, 2009
lfkohn in Manhattan

Parents Dinner - 8 People - Private Room

My husband (!) and I eloped a couple of weeks ago and are now planning a dinner for all of our parents to meet. There may be a little intrigue as my mom/dad haven't seen each other for 22 years and my husband's mom/dad haven't seen each other for 15 years - since his dad left his mom for his mistress - who will also be at the dinner. So looking for a place that doesn't have many knives in easy reach (ha!), not in a basement or too stuffy b/c it'll be in June, and classy but not oh-my-goodness expensive. Many thanks in advance for your help!

May 07, 2009
lfkohn in Manhattan

Artichoke Pizza Ingredients

Can anyone venture a guess to the secret magical ingredients? We asked, but they were less than forthcoming. Need to know for a severely allergic friend.

Huge thanks for all of your suggestions!

Aug 12, 2008
lfkohn in Manhattan

Behind Setagaya - Oriental Spoon

We have been regulars at Oriental Spoon, the oft-forgotten restaurant behind the ever-so popular Ramen Setagaya, since it opened. This is a true treasure deserving of a space on all the "best restaurants" lists. Spoon is Pan-Asian and has exquisite sushi, amazing noodles, the best bok choy in the world, and tons of other savories. And the prices and staff and decor are all amazing, too. This isn't shill - for real - I just live around the corner and really truly want this restaurant to succeed because it really is that wonderful. So don't wait in line for ramen - go straight through the doors to the back for an amazing culinary experience at Oriental Spoon.

Sep 10, 2007
lfkohn in Manhattan

Blue Hill or Lure?

They are both fine choices, but...a word of warning about Blue Hill. We just went last night and both my partner and I felt that everything was over-salted. The soft-shell crabs were barely edible. I'd just ask for things not too salty and add salt yourself as needed. I know - not ideal, but it's a lot of money and fresh food and it's better when you can actually eat it! (Also the cod was too rich and the gazpacho too sweet.) And we aren't picky eaters so this must have been an off night - for us and/or Blue Hill!

On the other hand - I've never had a bad experience at Lure. And the room is much more interesting and lively.

Jun 07, 2007
lfkohn in Manhattan

ISO E. Village Recs (Jewel Bako, Degustation, The Tasting Room, OR??)

Knife + Fork

Feb 02, 2007
lfkohn in Manhattan

Knife + Fork or Salt

knife + fork - for sure! one of the very best dining experiences in new york. food, atmosphere, service, price - all refreshingly wonderful.

Jan 26, 2007
lfkohn in Manhattan

UES Restaurant Good For Groups

thanks! any suggestions other than italian? we're going to babbo the next night! any help much appreciated...

Sep 08, 2006
lfkohn in Manhattan

UES Restaurant Good For Groups

Desperately seeking an UES restaurant (near 77th & 5th) that is medium-prized ($20/entree or less) for a group of approximately 10 people. Thanks!!!

Sep 07, 2006
lfkohn in Manhattan

Chinatown/Tribeca for 10 people

thanks so much for your reply! $20/head + drinks seems about right. it's a work function so atmosphere is a factor.

Aug 24, 2006
lfkohn in Manhattan

Chinatown/Tribeca for 10 people

Looking for a mid-price chinatown/tribeca restaurant for 10 people that won't break the bank. They are traveling from Canal & Hudson - so that general area. Thanks!

Aug 24, 2006
lfkohn in Manhattan

Midtown West Delivery After 11pm

We have a 24-hour helpdesk at work and would like to surprise the boys with dinner when their shift starts. Does any one know of any restaurants in midtown (37th & 7th area) which deliver after 11pm?

Aug 07, 2006
lfkohn in Manhattan