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Jelly rolls?

Honestly? In my neck of the woods they are at every single grocery store, bar none. I know that for certain I've purchased them numerous times at A&P/Dominion, Loblaws, AND Sobey's stores. Are you sure you were looking in the proper section of the store(s)? I believe they're usually kept amongst the snack cakes (Joe Louis, Flakies, etc.)

Winterlicious/Summerlicious experiences?

My point is that people have taken the time to make recommendations regarding Winterlicious at enormous length already. Should they be cast aside, when the answer to an inquiry is surely easily found within?

The poster is looking for general experiences. Every single post on Winterlicious is an experience, so he/she woudn't have a hard time finding quality advice. If he/she were looking for something specific, like finding a needle in a haystack, then I would agree that using the Search isn't a good idea. But when you just want to read about other people's experiences, I stand by my suggestion.

Winterlicious/Summerlicious experiences?

The previous 340+ conversations regarding Winterlicious alone available via the Search function:

A Taste of Quebec

You could always phone and ask..

Buffalo Mozzarella

Gotcha! ;) I'll get right on that.

What was your favourite restaurant that went downhill after they solidified their status

I agree with Licks, Swiss Chalet and Hero. I'd like to submit Panago Pizza as well to the growing list.

East Side Mario's used to be borderline acceptable for pizza and capaletti, but now they can't even make those right.

I also think The Keg has slipped in recent years. Service especially.

Mildred's temple kitchen?

Thanks Suresh!

The food looks stunning. That Gnudi dish has me salivating.

The place seems rather empty and baron, though. Except for those two silver vixens in your second 'Venue' photo, you appeared to be the only party there...?

The Best of TO - IMHO...

Not everyone loves Chinese food. Not everyone seeks out the "best of" Chinese food. If you don't have the experience, you can't exactly crown a "best of" anything -- which I'm assuming is exactly why justpete didn't include many Chinese options. If I were to write a "best of" list, it wouldn't include any Chinese. Not because I don't think it's valid, but simply because it isn't in my tastes.

The Best of TO - IMHO...

Justpete: wonderful original post! Thanks for taking the time to compile such a list.

Stouffer's French Bread Pizza

Obviously I'm a little late to the party here, but I too have been on a crazed search for these for months! Has anyone, by some miracle, seen these for sale anywhere? Or perhaps, could suggest an alternative?

Muchos gracias!

Best pulled pork

Lobster Trap or Starfish?

Maine lobster hit a low of $2.99/lb. in Maine earlier this week. Can you imagine?

2008 Nouveau Beaujolais

Not rap or wrap, but rep. (As in "reputation")

Headcheese and Chopped Liver!

WOW! Thank you very much for all the wonderful suggestions. You guys are awesome!

Headcheese and Chopped Liver!

Two unpopular deli products among many, I realize, but I love both. Do any of you Chowhounds have some good recommendations as to where I might obtain quality versions of both these items?

Who makes Toronto's best headcheese? Who makes Toronto's best chopped liver?

Thanks very much for any guidance offered.

Il Fornello - King Street

Zagat put it on their "10 Best" list, unfortunately.

Colborne Lane--Loud?

Noise level is, I would say, moderate to high. Music is quite loud and usually rather strange choices (Black Sabbath, etc.). It's just teetering on the edge of being conversation capable.

Splendido is far more subdued and elegant in terms of atmospheric experience.

le castor a disastor

Bacon-wrapped, almond-stuffed dates.

Burger Meat Ground Onsite

Really? Wow, that's a burger joint to be cherished in this day. I don't know how my burger radar didn't pick this place up. I'll just have to rectify that!

Thanks much for the info. I'm so sick of having a burger arriving looking like an scorched rat turd when I ask for medium-rare.