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Worst of the Cape?

"crass boat-shoed Bostonians braying loudly"......LMFAO. You nailed it. And they have no idea what a decent restaurant meal is. Leave the state. Get an experience.

Feb 08, 2012
bbalmer in Southern New England

Private wine dinner in Napa/Sonoma for 3?

Can anyone recommend a vineyard that would set up a small private tasting and lunch or dinner for 3?

Looking to do this in mid-January, so not optimal weather or crowds, but hoped that might make it easier.


Worst of the Cape?

Amen! We had visitors and gave it a try. We had to argue with the rude and unprofessional staff for the outdoor table we had reserved. Food was inedible, and the service was horrendous - rude bordering on hostile from attitudinal, untrained college kids. We changed the "automatic" 18% gratuity to 15% because of the horrible experience. We were so embarrassed we brought visitors from out of state there. Yet - the nightmare didn't end there. Once we all got home and settled in to laugh about such an amateur place, the phone rang - yes, at 11 pm - and it was the manager yelling at us that we could not change an automatic gratuity. The restaurant should be out of business, and is only sustained by it's location, and the tourists. Disgusting experience.

Captain Kidd Restaurant
77 Water St, Woods Hole, MA 02543

Dec 27, 2010
bbalmer in Southern New England

San Juan, Puerto Rico report

Just returned from another trip to San Juan, and somehow have previously missed a fantastic restaurant, that evidently moved from a more obscure location to Ashford Ave. in Condado - directly across the street from the Marriott. It is a do not miss place - called Restaurant Miro (after the artist Jean Miro).

Specializing in Catalan preparations of fresh seafood, this place does not dissappoint - in fact we returned a second time after having reservations at Pikayo for two nights during our stay - and having a dissapointing experience there, we cancelled the second reservation and returned to Miro. Miro has a very lively bar crowd, a great mix of locals and tourists, and the chaotic feel of a great Spanish restaurant. Both nights we dined there we asked the waiter for specific recomendations, and the only time we varied from what they recommended was the only mediocre dish we had. Go!

Fairfield County Wine Shops?

Winewise on E. Putnam Ave adjacent to Whole Foods has a great selection of carefully chosen and tasted wines. Truly great advice and service.

One Pick Stamford CT, Nice Romantic Clean excellent Food

While I realize all dining experiences are subjective - I can't recommend Thomas Henkelmann's, Valbella, or Dressing Room. Henkelmann's food is highly inconsistent and the service is rushed, uneven, and usually quite poor. Valbella is fine if you're Regis or someone of note that they love to cater to, but on several visits, I've found the food inedible, and the service is downright consistently awful. Dressing Room is my least favorite of the 3 - just not good at any turn. Unfortunately these places are high profile, but way underdeliver. Best meal by far in Greenwich is Rebecca's - very expensive and worth it. There really isn't anything else as it's peer.

San Juan, Puerto Rico report

I hope you got to PR last April. Just discovered this post. Kasalta is better than ever, enjoyed a roast suckling pig there that was one of the best ever. Its a San Juan institution, and the Ocean Park neighborhood would be lost without it. I lived there in the early 80's and have been going back ever since. Still the same excellent quality, although they've renovated for a much nicer look and experience.

Woodstock Inn

They closed the dining room sometime this summer, and renovated the former space that they served breakfast in, and now call it the Red Rooster. Kind of surreal - very modern, there is an awkward space you move through to the dining room that is a sad homage to the Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC. We did not like it. They also stopped serving food in the tavern, which is still open for drinks. I agree - the Woodstock Inn is just not "us". Please do not miss - do not miss - dining at Pane Salute. Incredible. Prince and the Pauper has gone down a bit in recent years, so really don't miss Pane. Have fun.

Where have you always had a bad meal?

I have to agree with your assessment of Elephant Walk. It was the only restaurant i've ever been to where the chef refused (actually came to the table to explain to/embarrass me - that he refused to overcook his fish. It was laughable. This guy was like a short order cook in a diner, and I insulted him by asking for fish medium rare - just not seared. We just left - the place was a joke - as sadly most of the restaurants in Boston are.

Nov 22, 2008
bbalmer in Greater Boston Area

Woodstock Inn

Has anyone dined at the Inn lately? They have changed the dining room, and I found it quite odd. Similar experiences?