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Asian Cajun Crawfish?

Crawfish Shack over on Wells Branch is a Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant. It's run by a local vietnamese family. The prices there are good (as in a po boy costs 1/3rd less what it'll run you at Shuck Shack).

I'd go sooner rather than latter, since it is currently crawfish season and you might as well strike while the striking is good.

Apr 05, 2010
PStrangerX in Austin

Best Tasting Menu for under $150?

Hi - I'll be in New York over New Year's and want to do an epic tasting menu. Right now, I am thinking of doing WD-50 - their tasting menu is $140. Anyone have a favorite that they would rank higher?

I have yet to do the whole molecular gastronomy thing, so I am looking forward to that. However, I sure wish per se was cheaper....

Nov 20, 2008
PStrangerX in Manhattan