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BARCAR Eatery in Mount Vernon is now AZUL Latin Fusion

The desserts are the WOW items on the Azul menu. Both the Flan and Tres Leches Cake put our party of three in heaven. The coffee was very good too. Dessert prices are high at $8 each. Desserts are not on the menu so it is up to the server to provide you with a list. He did not state the prices.

Moving backwards, we ordered Cornmeal Crusted Calamari which was very tasty because it was prepared with six ingredients including chili flakes and capers. However, it was swimming in olive oil. The portion was large. We also ordered Passion Fruit Bar-B-Q Ribs which was served with a very good purple potato salad. This portion was much smaller but of course it is an appetizer. The ribs were very tasty and almost tiny in size. Our Baby Spinach Salad failed for a couple of reasons. The leaves were sprinkled with fried pork fat (chicharrones) and the kitchen staff ran out of the queso blanco (cheese) which was supposed to have been an ingredient in this salad. We informed the waiter about the absence of the cheese in the salad and he compensated us by not charging for two coffees.

By the way, before food is served the waiter brings a container of garlic bread. The bread is flat and crisp and very good.

Cocktails are expensive. The sangria which included liqueurs was $10 per glass. The margarita that I wanted to order for $8 could not be prepared because the bar ran out of the fruit puree which I think was mango. I ordered a Modelo (sp?) beer for $5.50 instead.

The owner introduced himself and asked for our opinions. When we said that the restaurant was noisy he went to the bar area and lowered the music. The room does not absorb noise well. Service was very good with all staff demonstrating politeness, friendliness and eagerness to please.

We parked our own car further along on Locust Street and walked back to the restaurant. There is a valet parking service.

leftover perishable ingredients

My dad was from Scotland and I remember him drinking it straight out of the container.

Jul 17, 2010
gymcoach in Home Cooking

Chutney Masala?

I enjoyed Chutney Masala when I went for lunch and dinner. This is not your average Indian restaurant though. It is an upscale eatery with beautiful decor. Exposed brick, framed photography of Indian royalty, colorful window shades and views of the Hudson surround you. The service is first-rate and the food is very good. I dined with my boyfriend at dinner and we shared an appetizer and a main course which included nan. We also had one specialty cocktail and one large Kingfisher beer. The bill was $53 not including the tip. At lunch there are specials for $10 and 2 courses for $15.

Good Bagels in White Plains

I have always been happy with What a Bagel on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains.

Delicious Thai in Tuckahoe

Tangerine Thai is a new favorite of mine. I cannot figure out why food critics are not reviewing it. It seems like Tangerine Thai is being given the cold shoulder.

This restaurant is charming with gracious service. The food is marvelous! I found a curry puff appetizer which I cannot stop ordering. It is simply delectable. I return time and time again to the spicy basil dishes. There is a dessert with pumpkin which has me wondering how it can be so delicious.

I like this place so much that I went there for my birthday and New Years Eve. Sharing appetizers and dinners makes the final bill a good deal. And yes, there is alcohol.

Kebab Cafe status

We missed the wonder of Ali tonight because he was damn rude. When the waitress told us that there would be no menu I got up to look at the menu posted outside. While I was gone he asked my sister where I was and said that he was not going to repeat what was on offer when I returned. When I got back he barked at another couple. That's when we left. Ironically, we ended up at Mombar. We were amused to find out that Ali's brother, Moustafa, cooks and owns Mombar Restaurant. Service at Mombar was on the slow side but the food was wonderful. The waitress was gracious and Moustafa was a real gentleman. They served a thin, airy bread with an olive oil and spice blend before the dinner arrived. We could not stop ourselves from gobbling it down. I would recommend both the fava bean spread and lamb tangine (sp?) There was no tap water so we were given two Poland Spring Waters at $2 each. That did not sit right with us. We were glad to have escaped Kabab Cafe for Mombar. Mombar is far more spacious and relaxing. I guess I take respect for granted when dining out. We turned the night around by voting with our feet.

Aug 23, 2007
gymcoach in Outer Boroughs

The Main Course in New Paltz?

We just had a wonderful dinner at the Main Course. The duck was excellent. Service was outstanding and the prices did not make us gasp. The ambience, admittedly, is more luncheon than evening. I will always try to include the Main Course when visiting New Paltz.

Dinner in New Paltz

I suspect the host you are referring to at Beso's HAS a bad attitude. He tried to serve my dining companion and I cocktails right before the first courses were brought to the table. Should anyone have to enjoy Roasted Stuffed All Natural Local NY Quail along with a tequila cocktail? Bad enough, we waited 15-20 minutes for the cocktails. The worse part was his attitude as he tried to justify the service. And this is on a week when SUNY New Paltz was closed, so there were only a handful of tables occupied.

But now the good part-- the woman with the wooly hat who I suspect is the manager stepped right in and corrected the situation. The cockails were removed and replaced with ales which paired well with the food. And the food was absolutely delicious.

Mexican in Westchester????

I recently found delicious refried beans for $2.50 at Flores Cafe Deli. It is right off Central Avenue at 10 Cross Street in White Plains, NY. I'm using this place for take-out although there are a few tables. I once tried the chalupas roji verdez for take-out but was greatly disappointed as the dish was a mess once I opened it at home.

Doylestown Treats?

We were really looking forward to Jules Thin Crust. Twenty-three pizzas are advertised but only 4 are available on platters for the customer to pick from. We figured if we ordered a full pie we'd be able to have any of the 23 offerings. Not so. Of the four salads, only two were available. This happened at lunch-time on a Wednesday.

Sep 04, 2006
gymcoach in Pennsylvania

Best of New Hope & Lambertville

We had a fine time at the Triumph Brewpub one summer night. Sitting outside on the "platform" facing the railroad tracks was unique (no train running at night). The service was attentive, food good and prices reasonable. We shared a flight of beers: seven glasses of beer, each different, with five ounces per glass. Although we were only pleased with two, the experience was fun and we drank them all anyway! They were open until 10 pm during the midweek. They are in a shopping center on Rt. 202. Tel: (215) 862-8300

Sep 04, 2006
gymcoach in Pennsylvania

Post Aldrich bite, Ridgefield, Ct.

We will visit the Aldrich Museum tomorrow and would like a post-museum bite? Any recommendations for spots in Ridgefield?

New Paltz Favorites

The food at the Village Tea Room was nice but the service put a damper on the night, a Wednesday. There was one waitress and she served the outdoor deck, main floor and upstairs. She also ran the register where people purchased scones, muffins, etc. The atmosphere is very tasteful and the food quality admirable. I've only been here once so I don't know if short staffing is the norm.

Places to eat near/around New Paltz?

Alas, we were unable to try Beso's because they were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Does The Finger Lakes area have ANY good restaurants?

I tried Dano's Heuriger, outside of Ithaca, this summer and was very pleased with the ambience, food, service and price. The strudel was the best I had ever tasted (and I had an Austrian grandmother). We ordered a wurst, dumplings, smoked trout and a salad for dinner. The local beer (Wagner, I think) was wonderful. And the view of the lake coupled with impressive modern interior design had us smiling, and admiring our surroundings much of the evening.