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Inexpensive group dinner in Queen Anne

I have a group of 15 or so that will be dining before a movie premiere at the Uptown Theatre in Queen Anne during SIFF. Any recommendations for a great, inexpensive restaurant near there that could accommodate a group? We'd love to keep it around $15-20/pp. Great thai, indian, vietnamese or even a pizza joint or gastropubby situation would work.


May 15, 2013
stardar in Greater Seattle

Laotian/Northern Thai BBQ?

Hi guys,
My boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Laos and northern Thailand, where we became obsessed with (among other things) BBQ restaurants there. Specifically, the places where you cook your own--grilling the meat on the little dome thing and cooking the veggies and noodles in broth in the "moat" surrounding the grill. A brilliant combination of shabu shabu and korean BBQ. The tamarind dipping sauce alone is the stuff of dreams. Imagine our surprise upon returning to our beloved hometown, reigning Thai food capital that it is, and finding little to no mention of anything resembling Laotian BBQ restaurants. Why is no one doing this here? And if they are, where can we find it??

May 18, 2010
stardar in Los Angeles Area

Laotian/Northern Thai BBQ?

Hello fellow chowers,
My boyfriend and I are coming up from LA for a wedding this week and are looking to find some Laotian food, which seems to be strangely absent in LA. Additionally, we're looking for a place that does BBQ like they do in Laos and northern Thailand--the little pan with the lip where you grill the meat on top and cook the veggies and broth in the "moat" around it. We were obsessed with it when we visited Laos and northern Thailand and can't seem to find a place that does it anywhere! Any ideas? We are willing to travel...

Ho Ch Minh City,Hanoi, Hoi An, Luang Prabang and Ventianne

Luang Prabang:
Absolutely go to Tamarind. A wonderful way to familiarize yourself with Lao cuisine. And their drinks are amazing. Try the bael fruit tea, the banana cinnamon coconut shake, and the lemongrass ginger cooler--all delicious and unusual. We liked it so much we ate there twice AND did their cooking class (which was also great, in a beautiful location, and well worth the 28 bucks).

There is also a great Lao BBQ joint that the waitress at tamarind told us about. We went twice (sensing a pattern??). It's hard to describe because I don't know the name but if you get yourself to the Apsara hotel, and turn left out of the hotel (so that the river is on your right) you will see an alley on the left about 50 meters down. They usually have a signboard in Lao. Go up the stairs and the place is on the left. Get the Sam Sen (literally "three layers" of pork, like a fattier bacon) and make sure to "deglaze" the pan so that the porky juices get down into the soup! We also hardboiled the egg instead of cracking it in like the locals. Best egg ever.

There is a lady who sells khanom krok at the entrance to the night market food street. Also on that street, get the whole grilled fish from any of the vendors. Delicious.

Also from street vendors, try the rice crackers/cakes and the river vegetable sheets covered with sesame (looks like nori paper). There are also delicious little twist cookies covered in palm sugar that we loved.

Ikon Club is a nice place for a drink. Owned by a hungarian lady, she'll make you any drink you want if you're craving one after all the beer lao.

We were not at all impressed by Quan an Ngon. We had better versions of a lot of the food at various street vendors, all the food seemed like it had been sitting out, the service is lackluster and it's just generally very mediocre. The setting is very lovely at night though.

We thought the pho at pho 2000 was delicious, as were their spring rolls. Didn't get to pho pasteur, sadly.

Try and find a vendor selling sticky rice stuffed with banana covered with coconut milk and tiny tapioca pearls. Our favorite dessert and any time snack. We found them mostly around lunchtime.

Banana cake was also a favorite. They're everywhere, but there's a stall in Ben Tranh market that was easy to find, by the butcher section.

Enjoy!! We loved both places SO much...

We loved the meal we had at the Hue restaurant recommended on this board, out in district 3. (can't remember name right now...) Very unusual flavors, unlike anything we had in Vietnam. Rice with tiny crab, jackfruit salad, open-face dumplings with shrimp paste, BBQed chicken--everything was delicious.

Eat the fruit in Vietnam and Laos! It's all delicious, much better than the states. Pomelo, longan, milkfruit, guava, etc.

I don't have rezzies and I wanna go to Osteria Mozza tonight for dinner, possible?

I've gone to Mozza several times without a reservation and it's not bad. Two weeks ago i went with 3 other people at 6:30ish. We waited for 20 minutes at the bar, had a glass of wine, were seated, then got moved to a table that had opened up because of a cancellation... As i said, not too shabby.

Aug 07, 2007
stardar in Los Angeles Area

Best Soup's and Stew's in Los Angeles

second the fish stew at hungry cat.
also like the french onion at doughboys although everything else there i find atrocious.
victors and greenblatts both do a nice chicken soup.
grub has delicious tomato soup.
lentil soup at carnival is great.
the curry carrot soup at king's road--also quite nice.
further afield, there's daikokuya for ramen. also soon tofu at bevery soon or tofu house.

Jun 26, 2007
stardar in Los Angeles Area

Let's put together a pancake hootenanny!

BLD does a really delicious ricotta blueberry pancake. on the nouveau, fancier side, but still noteworthy.

Jun 13, 2007
stardar in Los Angeles Area

Going Camping - Need a good dinner idea

We always used to make chili (vegetarian and/or meat) beforehand and bring it with us, reheating it whenever on the stove. The best!!

May 22, 2007
stardar in Home Cooking

Yang's dumplings here?

Oh my god, it is definitely sheng jian bao and i definitely just ate them last week in Shanghai (spilling all over myself and the ground in the process, much to the delight of fellow snack-standers). They're like larger, hardier xiao long bao that have been pan fried on the bottom and topped with sesame seeds. I had trouble finding them elsewhere in Shanghai other than Yangs so please let me know if you find some here! Haven't looked for them in SGV but that's where I'd start...

May 15, 2007
stardar in Los Angeles Area