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Urgent roast chicken advice please!

I second the Marcella Lemon chicken. I've been roasting this way for years and have NEVER gone wrong. Sometimes, I put herbs (terragon or thyme or rosemary...whatever I have growing on the deck) under the breast skin or in the cavity along with the lemon or lemons. The breast meat is always tender.

Nov 05, 2006
bklynlinda in Home Cooking

Disappointing....B & G Oysters

Since B & G seemed to get such great reviews on this board, we ate there on one of our 2 nights in Boston, visiting from NY. The fried oyster app was ok, a bit on the salty side. But the lobster roll was ice cold as if it was just taken from the fridge, and as a result lacked the expected sweet lobster flavor - and the fries were soggy. It was especially disappointing being in New England and expecting a great seafood dinner. Someone on the board said it was similar to NYC's Pearl, but I have to say it's no contest - Pearl's lobster roll is a couple of bucks cheaper and in a different league - sweet tasty lobster, perfect dressing and the fries rule.

We were also blown away by the incredible high cost of your good restaurants.

Help...reasonable upper west side elderly friendly....

What's new for good food..not too expensive. We've done Time Cafe (which is gone) French Roast, Malaysian Grill, a couple of Italian restaurants, the names of which I can't remember. Also done the early bird special at Ouest. My mother is in her 90's, so we need a bathroom on the same level and it's an early dinner. French, Italian, American is fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oct 13, 2006
bklynlinda in Manhattan


Any decent, reasonable restaurants in Kip's Bay? All types of food welcome.

Sep 14, 2006
bklynlinda in Manhattan

The River Room of Harlem.....

On a drive through the Riverbank State Park, 145th St. and Riverside Drive(of whose existence I knew nothing), we came upon this beautiful elegant restaurant and club - 9months old - great views and intriguing southern/latin menu including ".....Anson Mills organic, stone-ground grits, famed for their old fashioned true corn flavor."

Has anyone eaten there?

Sep 02, 2006
bklynlinda in Manhattan

HELP!!! Restaurant near Jones Beach....

We have tix for Van Morrison tomorrow (Monday)night. Is the Boardwalk restaurant still open? If not, what are some decent restaurants nearby?

Thanks much for any suggestions.