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Fun/Festive for New Year's Eve?

I have a group of about 15. We are looking for a fun place to go and have a nice dinner. Can be moderate-expensive. Would love a fun atmosphere. Looking in Foggy Bottom/Georgetown/Downtown...Thanks!

Where can I buy white truffle oil around DC?

I believe Cheesetique in Del Ray, VA has it.
I recommend that place in general though :) mmmm...cheese...

Great (cheap) Ethnic? PLZ HALP

I would say $40 per person which would include all including beers...

Nov 21, 2008
diekh in Manhattan

Great (cheap) Ethnic? PLZ HALP

I am headed to NYC (live in DC) over new years and would love to find some cheap delicious authentic ethnic food. Whether it be Chinese, tapas, Moroccan, or kabobs I am open to suggestions. I just want it to be the awesomest. :)
Also, a sit-down place with a little atmosphere would be great.


Nov 19, 2008
diekh in Manhattan