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Where is awesome BACON in Washington DC?

the bacon at liberty tavern (as well as northside social and lyon hall) is incredible. very smoky and savory.

bayou bakery in arlington has benton's bacon biscuits. and 'porkorn' - bacon kettlecorn.

Where is awesome BACON in Washington DC?

I have been to the bacon week at 3. i wasn't impressed at all - the bacon bloody mary was ok, but I thought the rest of the food was pretty bad.

Gastro Pubs

i'd consider againn to be more of a fine-dining place. especially because i believe they wanted something like 42 dollars (memory may be failing me, can someone please confirm/deny this?) for their monday night 'roast' special... chicken? thats kind of absurd.

food was ok, the service was much more 'fine dining' than gastropub, i thought.

their bangers and mash was pretty weak.

Where to buy salt pork in DC/PG County?

sometimes whole foods carries it, if there is one near you.

also, eastern market should have some.

Arlington -- Minerva Express Opening!

thats awesome is it related to minerva in herndon?

Fish and Chips

the fish and chips at kitty o'sheas in arlington is actually pretty good.

i believe they use cod... lightly breaded and fried nicely. sometimes comes out a little greasy but you don't sound concerned with that (although i am showing up late to this thread anyway)

the fries are fresh-cut and very tasty. they'll give you a side of curry sauce with it as well.

its not as good as eamonn's but is good nonetheless.

Cheesesteaks - No need to travel

i have eaten steaks in philly (sonny's) and i live near mario's, and i have to agree with the OP, as i have been saying the same thing for years.

the steak is fresh rib meat. they have a decent roll. what they are missing is whiz.

i order mine with nothing but american cheese and fried onions. its not authentic but it is close and really good.

Eatonville: U Street

i ate here last week.

the mint julep was terrible. a teeny shot of jim beam, tons of water and simple syrup, and a couple of teeny flakes of mint does not a julep make. it was just like sweet, watered down bourbon. gross, and not worth 8 dollars at all.

their wine program didnt seem bad. beers were terrible, only one abita at a supposedly cajun place and they only had the abita light? awful.

the hushpuppy stuffed with shrimp and fondue was alright, lacked flavor.

my friend thought the shrimp creole was ok but it definitely did not appear authentic to me.

the catfish was ok, but the presentation was awful. they layered the whole plate, grits on the bottom, collards on top of the grits, and the fish layed on top. i liked the collards and the grits, but they don't mix.

i might go back, but not on purpose.

Any area sightings of the McDonalds McRib sandwich? [moved from the DC/Baltimore board]

i keep looking for it too.

they are disgusting but i love them. something about sticky bbq sauce and pickles.

Jan 02, 2010
kneelconqueso in Chains

Any less-rowdy places for birthday drinks in Adams Morgan?

i think the black squirrel is your best bet. amazing comfort/bar food (seriously, very good, best burger in adams morgan) and good selection of beers.

its a grown-up bar, at least in my experiences there.

Looking for the best macaroons

ah, you want macarons, not macaroons. one letter makes a big difference here!

two good choices are leopolds (cady's alley, georgetown) and patisserie poupon (upper georgetown/glover park)

Venison on the menu

serbian crown in great falls is a good bet.

also, probably not what you're looking for but i believe the smithsonian american indian museum has a venison dish.

jj's cheesesteaks

haven't tried either. both are pretty far away

jj's cheesesteaks

i will never understand why DC gets things like this SO wrong all the time. its not that hard!

1: source a decent roll (this is, admittedly, probably tough since bakeries are awful here)
2: keep some fried onions on the grill
3: slice up fresh rib steaks constantly
4: grill with salt/pepper, add onions, pour on some whiz (or what have you) and slide into aforementioned roll.

i'll continue to get my steaks from marios in arlington, which is not philly-authentic by any means, but at least they use good, fresh meat. too bad no whiz or decent rolls, though.

jj's cheesesteaks

my girlfriend and i tried this place out last night before hitting up a couple of bars on u street.

i had heard they have amoroso rolls and whiz, and had high hopes for an authentic cheesesteak.

i ordered the ben franklin - steak, fried onions, whiz, and provolone. immediately after ordering, my hopes faded quickly. as soon as i ordered, i noticed them taking a giant pan of cooked steak to the back to a holding bin or something. why would you cook your steaks in advance at a cheesesteak place? makes no sense. we also ordered the fries with cheese and bacon.

the steak meat was pretty bad. not seasoned well, and dry after being cooked on the grill twice. the onions werent fully cooked, and the steak didnt come with any provolone (i didnt really want provolone, i came for the whiz, but they should put on what they advertise). the roll may have been amoroso, but it was not chewy or crusty at all. just a soft hoagie roll. weak.

the fries were freshly cut, which i appreciate, but were undercooked, undersalted, and overpriced considering it was $3.25 for about a half potato worth of fries and a drizzle of whiz and maybe a half slice of cheap bacon crumbled on top.

i'd avoid this place unless they improve. might be acceptable for late-night drunk food, but don't come here looking for an authentic (or even good) cheesesteak.

Chicken and Waffles?

i thought it was actually a leige waffle? i ate one on saturday night and noticced that there were big bubles in the waffle, indicating to me that it was leavened by yeast, not baking powder.

the chicken was really tender and the gravy awesome too. A++ would eat again

Eastern NC Vinegar Sauce for Pulled Pork in DC?

i lived a couple miles away from wilburs for a few years. my family ate at both wilburs and scotts. both are good. (i actually preferred mccall's as a kid because i could get fried shrimps as well)

Eastern NC Vinegar Sauce for Pulled Pork in DC?

harris teeter sells sauce from scott's bbq in goldsboro, nc, arguably the epicenter of eastern-nc bbq.

i'd say that's quite authentic enough.

you can also make your own from white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, water, pepper flakes, and (secret ingredients)

Best restaurants in Rosslyn/Court House/Clarendon with delivery?

tea noodles rice has a few excellent dishes. i love the crispy fried beef.

check out dr delivery/takeout taxi. plenty of options there as well.

Cooking With Costco

i rarely buy meat or produce from costco due to the enormous size and the fact that i'm single, but their cheese prices area awesome, and i pick up occasional frozen things from them.

also, the costco near me (pentagon city, virginia) has a coffee roaster in the warehouse. i believe its 8 dollars for 2.5 pounds of still-warm beans. thats pretty unbeatable.

i've only bought seafood from costco once - mussels- and i was really surprised at the freshness and quality. i think they kept alive in my fridge for a whole week while i worked through the 4 or 6 pound bag. delicious.

Oct 03, 2009
kneelconqueso in Chains

Best All You Can Eat in DC/Nova/MD?

i haven't been in awhile. i rarely work out in reston these days.

by the way, i am not sure i made it clear enough that the heritage restaurant i was speaking of is on connecticut ave, next to cafe citron in dupont. there are other heritages in the area, so its important to note that.

Best All You Can Eat in DC/Nova/MD?

mayuri and minerva in herndon are excellent.
indian ocean (van ness) is pretty awesome and the owner is super-nice.

but heritage of india, wow. amazingly good lunch buffet. absurdly good, extensive choices, too.

Best All You Can Eat in DC/Nova/MD?

i will second this, and i am a former eastern carolinian. its good bbq.

Crisp & Juicy coming to Tenleytown

stopped by today. its no pollo rico, but the chicken was moist and the skin crisp. so the name stands up.

the chorizo was good. the slaw... i prefer el pollo rico's

Burgers in AdMo

black squirrel is the winner with their mix of beef, veal, and duck. also delicious bacon and homemade mayo. wash it down with a hoffbrau!

best sandwiches in arlington?

obviously this doesn't exactly count as a sandwich shop, but i tried the primanti-brothers-style sandwich and the reuben saturday at the liberty tavern and found them both to be absurdly good.

cafe wilson has a few ny-deli specialties that are great.

Any place to find MACARONS (French pastry/cookie) ??

patisserie poupon has been mentioned but leopolds (cady's alley, m street in georgetown) has some great ones as well.

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken

finally checked this place out today.

seating arrangement is weird but acceptable. butternut squash and corn dish was tasty but way too small.

chicken itself was very good. liked the sauce.

livers were... not so great. needed more seasoning or something.

will try again with fries and slaw.

Nam Viet/Pho 79 on Connecticut Ave

i had the pho there a few weeks ago. it was pretty terrible (i like the clarendon location's pho).

but everything else was ok. and vietnamese restaurants in the district are hard to come by

Georgetown Cupcake

if we get a branch here, do we also get an illegal cockfighting ring?