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British pickled onion

Many stores have them.... Opies make the traditional Pickled Onions and also Haywards also produce them.

Both are available at McEwans store on Don Mills...!



Where to buy wild or healthy shrimp year-round in Toronto?

My best recommendation is...a newer fish store in Oak Ridges/Aurora called Off The Hook. I buy their Wild Gulf Shrimp (previously frozen) from Florida... They are closed today and Monday (finishing their family vacation), but open again, next Tuesday. The shrimp are outstanding - you will never enjoy any other shrimp again...!



Looking for a whole chicken, complete with head and feet intact

I find them always available at the Asian market on the southeast corner Bayview and Blackmore, in Richmond Hill. They have quite a variety...

GTA south-west location for a book club discussion?

Hi - If this helps....a brand new test kitchen/event kitchen just opened up in Etobicoke that is available to rent if you add a few people to your group. They have an entire professional kitchen available if you want to cook or they can even provide a Chef. If you have enough in your group and all kick in, you could host an awesome event...

Let me know if you are interested and I'll dig out the address/info you (off to work)

Charlie's Burgers - Bob Blumer

P-H-E-W.....Thanks Non Doctor, I best 're-read the invite again!!!

Chris and Doug are amazing!!!

Where can i buy canned chipotles in adobo sauce around the Burlington area

Sorry - I only happened to notice this post again, by chance.

The Adelita brand is far better tasting than Herdez or San Marcos!!! Big difference - please try them wen you get a chance and you will see what I mean... The taste, quality and the Adobo Sauce is 'tops'.

Charlie's Burgers - Bob Blumer

I thought Charlie Burgers was a destination for REAL 'foodies', Chefs and food lovers...Having Bob Blumer cook for a sophisticated group is just.....just.....just....head-spinning!!!

Where can i buy canned chipotles in adobo sauce around the Burlington area

There are many stores callying the Adelita brand (best brand on the market).

Here are a few stores I know that carry it:

Marilu's Market

If you are going to buy Chipoltes in Adobo Sauce, I STRONGLY recommend you go with the best so you enjoy it to the fullest.

Where do I buy Almond Paste in Toronto?

Would you believe Metro carry Almond Paste in the baking aisle?

It's amazing how Metro is the only chain store that carries more Gourmet and upper end items.

I wish the 'other' chain stores would get on the bandwagon instead of controlling what we buy.

Anyway, (I rant) you will find your Almond Paste at a Metro store.

Terra Restaurant - New location in Oak Ridges or Aurora?

Hi Foodies,

I heard Terra in Thornhill opened a new restaurant under a new name in Oak Ridges or Aurora...

Would anyone remember the name?

Any reviews?

Many thanks in advance.

Lemon Thyme

I planted some this year, otherwise you may find some in a few Asian markets...

If you are really stuck, I can clip some for you - I have plenty.

Let me know - glad to help a fellow Foodie

Cheese, please!

There is also Olympic Cheese at 7740 Woodbine in Markham - Related to the Oympic Cheese at St. lawrence market - Great selection/prices.