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Looking for the Best Burgers in NH

Sounds good, will have to check this out.

Looking for the Best Burgers in NH

Hope they are still made from trimmings from their aged beef.

Looking for the Best Burgers in NH

Hmmm. I heard that someone is duplicating the great burger over at Pine at the Hanover Inn. Maybe it's Murphy's. Is the burger really juicy and topped with bacon and shredded fried onions?

Looking for the Best Burgers in NH

What makes a good burger in your book? Great bun, fresh-ground beef, creative mix of toppings, cooking method ... or the gestalt of all of the above. Please let me know where you have found the burger worth going back to. This is for publication in the March issue of New Hampshire Magazine. Thanks.

Best Brunches in New Hampshire

I am researching best brunches for publication in New Hampshire Magazine. One of my favorites was Michael Timothy's but he may only do that on special occasions now. I will probably not consider breakfast places unless the menu is really different than their everyday menu. Considering everything from Hotel Buffets to high end restaurants to quirky spots with something interesting to offer.
Thanks for helping me out with the Best Breakfasts last spring.

Puritan Back Room: Manchester, NH Chicken Tenders

I have always thought what people are responding to with the chicken tenders is the battered coating. It is sweet and in many minds (not mine) that makes it good.

DeLux is open (Manchester NH)

A new owner has purchased the space and plans to open in the middle of October.
Joe Drift from Saffron Bistro is helping out. 11eleven is the new name. Bread basket is history.

Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

Thanks, all
Here is a link to all the photos I took at various breakfast spots across the state.
The May issue of New Hampshire Magazine has the story.

Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

What do you think of the Yankee Chef in Milford?

Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

At Republic now ... Best home fries.

Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

Thanks all, my list is getting very long.

Best Breakfasts in New Hampshire

Looking for memorable breakfasts in the following categories.

Great eggs Benedict

Great pancakes

Hungry man, Its big and its good

Coffee and something sweet

Eggs and bacon sourced locally

Hotel breakfast

Diner breakfast

Regional breakfast cafes from all over the state.

Thanks for your insights... this is for possible publication in NH Mag.

Elisha's in Milford, NH closing

The Cherry Blossom is now open.

Great Soup in New Hampshire

Thanks for your suggestions. I did just discover Collins Brothers "Nashua best-kept secret" all the patrons where saying... brought the chicken noodle back to work and everyone loved it. Tried most of them except the fish chowder. Will give that a try.
Will keep the peach soup in mind, but for now looking for hearty winter fare.
Will get over to the Taquaria, too and Harlows. Anyone have a favorite at Loaf and Ladle in Exeter?

Great Soup in New Hampshire

I am looking for recommendations for good soups served anywhere from diners to fine dining establishments in New Hampshire.
For example, I just had a good lentil soup from Zaruna at 100 Hanover St. in Manchester, and love the Fisherman's soup at San Francisco Kitchen in Nashua.
Of course, made-from-scratch is important as is creativity. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am collecting this information for possible publication.

NH cookie tour

They offer packages for overnight stays that include the ticket. Also, you don't have to eat all the cookies or stuff them in your pocket, they give you a bag now. The inns are beautifully decorated.