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Staten Island - Supermarkets - Outages

Shoprite Forest & Richmond aves is open and getting fresh meat.

Nov 04, 2012
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Coffee on Staten Island

Gloria Jeans coffee has a store on the upper level, JC Penny wing. You can get you favorite coffee there. Check their web site to see what they are all about.

Sep 07, 2012
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Trader Joe's on Staten Island

It's open. Prices are high. They charge $0.29 for one banana. Sirloin steak was $13.99 a pound. Are they nuts? I walked out. No wine sold there either.

Trader Joe's
2385 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314

Dec 09, 2011
neilz in Outer Boroughs

I Stuffed a Turkey with Twinkies

That turkey should be basted with insulin.

Nov 18, 2011
neilz in Features

Staten Island--is there hope???

We went to Golden's Sunday afternoon. We had pastrami on club, frenchies and soda. The sandwich I had was terrible. Very small club bread (4"). It seems like they put the scraps of the meat from the slicer on it. It was dry and really sub par. That will be my last trip to Golden's. I will go to the Mill Basin Deli. East 53 st & Ave. T, Bklyn. They always have the best sandwiches. It is a shame that as a Staten Islander I have to go to Brooklyn for a good pastrami sandwich.

Dec 27, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Staten Island--is there hope???

Before you think about the Unicorn Diner, go here:
The Unicorn has 15 health dept.inspection violation points. Terrible. Check out the places you eat before going there. NYC posts the inspection violations at the link I gave.

Dec 23, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Best knish in Manhattan, 2006

I went to the Carnegie for a tongue sandwich to go with a potato kinish. They packed a turkey sandwich by mistake. I called them from home and they said come back when I can and they will give me a tongue sandwich. So, I ate the kinish and it was sour. I threw it out. The next week I came back for the tougue sandwich and bought another kinish. That kinish was ok but not great.

Sep 07, 2006
neilz in Manhattan

Queens Pizza Tour - I need help!

Romano's Pizza is on Cross Bay Blvd. across the street from New Park Pizza.
I go there from Staten Island because it is so good. We get a large sausage with extra cheese. The sauce they use is terrific.

Aug 13, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Nice experience at Ozone Pizza

Try Romano's across the street from New Park. Great pizza and plenty of toppings.
New park has a chinsy pizza pie.

Aug 12, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Staten Island Favorites

Still there and still good.

Aug 06, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Spain, Staten Island

I totally agree.

Aug 06, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs

Great Staten Island Pizza

Denino's has an expensive pie (medium size). They are cheap on the cheese and toppings. I am forced to go because soma of my misguided family likes it. Also, some don't like it.
I like Gino's on Forest Avenue much better. They have great pizza and also a brick oven if you like that type of pie.

Aug 06, 2006
neilz in Outer Boroughs