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Only Tools Don't Tip on Takeout, and Other Rules of Gratuity You Should Know

When I go out to a restaurant it is because I am paying for food and service. I pay for food what it costs on the menu, if I do not like the food I send it back. I am very firm on this.

I pay for my service with my tip. If my service is excellent I may give 20-30%, if it is good I give 18%, if it is poor I give 15%, if it very poor its 10% or less, perhaps nothing.

I have never been confronted on a tip. Its likely because there is a sense of fairness to my tipping. If someone really messes up my meal and my enjoyment of it, then they do not deserve to be paid much.

I do not tip on takeout. As a waiter I was paid $5-$8/hour plus tips. I believe that $5-$8 is there because waiters have to perform "side work" (preparation and cleanup) and sometimes we had to do take out orders too.

I can remember being an employee at A&P where I was paid $7/hr. No one ever tipped me on the store's food when they bought it. If I was ever tipped it was for carrying groceries out to the car or checking someone out at extreme speed when they were running late.

Dec 12, 2010
musciotto in Features

Duke Ocean Grill, Tappan NY

i work there. the decor and the food are amazing. it is the first restaurant i have worked at where i can say that EVERYTHING on the menu is great. our chef, brian birch, is a culinary genius.

as per the service, i leave that up to you...