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Looking for a phenomenal chef's table for a gift

I want to send my friend to a five-star restaurant with a private chef's table in the kitchen. Does anyone have a recommendation for somewhere in NYC? An added bonus would be if a celebrity chef is actually cooking there when I send him. Money is not a factor, just a great meal and overall experience! Thanks!

Jan 19, 2010
Bakin with Bacon in Manhattan

Personal chef for healthy-lifestyle cooking?

Does anyone know where I can find a chef or service that cooks healthy gourmet meals that I can just purchase and reheat? I am aware of, but I find there is not enough variety for me and they're sort of boring. I'm looking for something that can somewhat satisfy the foodie in me on nights when I don't eat out, but I would like to know that it is healthy and fresh. (I will reserve foie gras, etc. for the nights I eat out!) Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

Tapeo or BarLola?

Tapeo or BarLola?

I would have to say that bothare underwhelming compared to Toro, Ken Oringer's fairly new place in SOWA. It has a much better variety, and the flavors and choices beat the pants off BarLola. i don't have anything bad to say about Tapeo -- they were the standard until Toro. Expect the same wait at Tapeo or Toro, but expect to make a night of it at Toro and have much more fun!