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Kansas City weekend - Lots of questions + itinerary check please!

Going to Kansas City for the weekend (from St. Louis) and want to get the few meals I have right. Any suggestions/modifications/additions would be very much appreciated!

BBQ (will hopefully get to at least two of these places):
LC's for burnt ends
Brobeck's for ribs
Oklahoma Joe's

Stroud's for fried chicken

Nicer meal:
-Julian / Bluestem / Justus drugstore
-Which of these do you like? Am I missing something? I'm into more local feel..divey nice even, if that makes sense - i.e. neighborhood type places with excellent food that you wouldn't want an out-of-towner to miss.

Other questions
1. Any unique local sit-down places for cheese/cured meat/wine/light meal or afternoon snack?
2. Bars - again, neighborhood feel, excellent cocktails..?
3. Out of the food realm but figured i'd ask: Jazz places (not corporate/downtown).. places an out of towner might miss..
4. Anything else unique that you would need to bring an out of town food/drink/music lover??

Thank you!

Jul 16, 2012
gooblar in Great Plains

Fish market in Northern/Northwestern NJ

HI - Looking for a top quality fishmonger in northern/northwestern NJ - Dover, Rockaway, Morristown general area but willing to drive further for quality. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jul 11, 2009
gooblar in New Jersey

North of SF

First time visiting San Francisco and California, looking for good routes to drive north of the city for excellent and cheap, local hole in the wall restaurants/markets/anything. Are there certain roads or towns to look out for? Much appreciated..