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Oriental Gourmet House 12 Temperance St

Does anyone know if they have found a new place yet? They were the best and cheapest place to get good authentic chinese food in Financial District. I miss it :(

any recent reviews of sushi couture's tasting menu?

me and my friend absolutely love this restaurant and we are thinking about trying the tasting menu. I have looked around here and could only find some negative reviews from about a year ago? has anyone been recently? please let me know how it was.


Craving Hwe Dup Bap 회덮밥

i dunno why but ive had a craving for hwe dup bap lately. do any restaurants downtown make a good hwe dup bap?

Looking for an AYCE korean bbq thats not Korean grill house or Grill Time

whats the price at miga for the ayce?

Looking for an AYCE korean bbq thats not Korean grill house or Grill Time

is it called mulraebanga? green signage? if so, they closed i think now its a tim hortons

Looking for an AYCE korean bbq thats not Korean grill house or Grill Time

We are going out with my friend for his birthday and he really wants korean bbq

I'm looking for a place either dt or around christie or even finch would be fine that has good AYCE korean bbq where they also serve you lettuce and garlic and stuff so you can wrap the meat

Please if anyone knows a place let me know :D

Birthday Rec's for the Weekend

just food

Birthday Rec's for the Weekend

Hey i'm trying to decide on a restaurant to go to for my birthday this weekend but i'm not really sure where?

Most of my friends are students so we are on a limited budget i would prolly say no more than $30 a person

I am looking mostly for restaurants Downtown as it would be easier for all of us to get to.

Some restaurants i was looking at

Il Fornello (Never been here but i've heard it's good by some people)
Lee (i like this restaurant but not sure if it would fit the $30 budget)
Biff's Bistro (Never been to this place either but heard it was good and looking at the menu online i think it would JUST fit our budget)

Biff's Bistro
4 Front St. E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B2, CA

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

my family regularly orders 20 chilis at salad king and 25 which they don;t usually do for some dishes

ISO good eats @ sherbrooke & bleury

Looking for a decent priced restaurant in walking distance of sherbrooke and bleury

Going to montreal for the long weekend Where to eat???

awesome thanx for the suggestions :D

Going to montreal for the long weekend Where to eat???

SO me and some friends are going to montreal for the long weekend and was wondering if we could get some food suggestions

we are all students so please keep the suggestions student budget friendly :D

we will be staying dt the hilton garden inn but we will probably end up getting transit passes so anywhere not too far from dt is fine :)

we aren;t that picky with what we eat we enjoy most anything and would try anything once

Hayashi rice

oops i forgot i posted this haha thanx for the replies guys i guess i have to wait til i go to japan for this haha

Hayashi rice

ok so i just watched a j-drama called ryusei no kizuna and a big part of the drama was hayashi rice.............
i really wanna try this, does anyone know somewhere in toronto where they serve hayashi rice?

Not Pho

in viet you would look for "bo la lot"

good taiwanese food

so i was recently looking at this blog about taiwanese food and it made me crave taiwanese food :P im looking for good taiwanese food in toronto

preferably downtown but anywhere is alright

Good dinner on a student budget around ACC

Going to a concert at the ACC tonight Dec. 18th and reccs for a good place to get dinner b4 the concert close to there

looking for a good lunch around yonge dundas

i actually prefer these wings over duffs i know ppl are gonna be like whats wrong with you cuz everyone seems to love duff's in this city but the last time i was at duffs the wings were sitting in so much sauce and got soggy they weren;t that great kc wings has always seemed like a reliable wings place for me and my friends


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wanna go now LOL but 35 sounds steep for us since we are all poor LOL

looking for a good lunch around yonge dundas

thanx for the replies guys i ended up getting wings from KC wings and ribs on yonge cuz i had a craving for wings.

and yea i would have to agree salad king used to be one of my favourite places but then it started to get boring LOL i mean usually all i got there was the curries and sometimes the islamic thai noodles but yea ive gotten bored of it


so im trying to plan a birthday get together and i saw something about coca online it says its new and has been relaunched i dunno has anyone tried it how is it? and what is the price like i was figuring about 20 bucks a person is that a reasonable estimation?

looking for a good lunch around yonge dundas

looking to get some take out on my way to work but i dunno what to get anyone have any suggestions

Teach me please. Not to miss menu items from restaurants in Chinatown

well you have to remember that most of the chinese businesses in chinatown dt are owned by chinese people who are from vietnam like my time your on spadina take a look at the signs you will notice that many are in both chinese and vietnamese

if you want good chinese you really have to go uptown

New Poutine Chain above Burrito Boys

hmmmmmmmmm ok so i tried it today and the girl at the counter recommended hogtown so i tried it...............................i didn;t like it =S

why was it sweet the gravy was sweet i found it was odd very odd

Teach me please. Not to miss menu items from restaurants in Chinatown

hmmm well actually i usually eat this at home too i find the ones in chinatown west not that good but my mom says that que ling or que linh not sure of the spelling in chinatown east to make a good version of it try that place

Teach me please. Not to miss menu items from restaurants in Chinatown

yea vietnamese moms help :P if i tried it would probably be a failure too

Teach me please. Not to miss menu items from restaurants in Chinatown

"la lop" thats the viet name for them anyways LOL we buy ours at a grocery store in hamilton i haven't seen it much in toronto :-S but yea whenever my mom comes and we feel like making that in toronto we make her pick some up in hamilton

okay apparently the english name for it is betel leaves

Teach me please. Not to miss menu items from restaurants in Chinatown

that do it yourself roll would be "banh hoi" and yea its pretty good its what me and my family get a lot or we make it at parents are from saigon

you should also try "bun bo hue" its a spicy soup with pork and stuff its yummy

theres a viet restaurants called kim one is on the north side of dundas just west of spadina and one is on the side street that pho hung is on if you go there order the "hu tieu my tho" and make sure you add the garlic and peppers that are on the table to you soup

right beside the kim by pho hung is a korean restaurant called kachi its good for a quick korean fix my personal favourite is the "soon dubu chigae" its a soft tofu stew amazing for winter nights also ppl like pork bone soup "kam ja tang" not really my favourite but most ppl seem to like it

i agree with the other ppl that "banh xeo" is good but its so much better when you make it at home LOL

at thai you should try this appetizer called "mieng kum" ive only ever seen it at linda's (the upstairs at salad king) its good that was possibly the only reason we ever went to linda's but then my mom figured out how to make it so now we don;t go to linda's as much

ISO samgyetang

me and my friends are looking for this we know they have it at ajuker chicken but its a lil expensive at 14 bucks do they have it anywhere else in toronto

Hotpot on Dundas

looks like i will have to trek uptown for good hot pot