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where to buy honeycomb?

I only buy my honey from Snyders!!! the usually have a lil table set up at the market/ Deli Across from Alices' Restuarant. When Me and my BF ride the motorcycle up we always buy a jar. I havent seen any actualy honeycomb, tho, ill ask next time!! :)

Creamed Spinach

RWIG2, i think u just dont like spicach. I LOVE SPINACH (my papa used to call me Popeye), and my fav way to eat it it just steamed with a lil buttter n salt. also, Wilted Salad: fry up some bacon, remove th bacon and drain half the grease from the pan. put the FRESH spinach greens in the pan with the rest of the grease, and toss till just starteing to wilt. add crumbled bacon slices, a can of drained garbanzo beans, and drizzle with blasamic vinegar to taste!!! FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! SPINACH ROCKSSS!!!

May 31, 2010
darcyjean66 in Recipes

Basic Barbecue Sauce

i LOVE BBQ chicken, but im REALLY looking for a recipe my GranPap used to make for GRILLED chicken. i know it had beer, worcestershire, butter and lemon pepper, but every time i try it never comes out right.... Any ideas>??? thanks all

May 30, 2010
darcyjean66 in Recipes

Sriracha Chili Sauce Condiment or Crack?!

AHA!!! Ive been looking for Sriracha after having "spicy scallop" sushi roll at the SkyBar at Atlantis in Reno, but cant for the life of me find it at the Grocery, but i did find the chili garlic paste. I fell in love when i had hole-in-the-toast-egg toped with that chunky red sauce from heaven!!! Still cant find my Sriracha..any suggestions???

Nov 17, 2008
darcyjean66 in General Topics