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Eating Shrimp Cocktail in an Acceptable Manner

Just last night, I ordered the shrimp cocktail at the legendary Gotham Bar and Grill... Suffice it to say, I ate my shrimp with knife and fork, and when I proceeded to grab my last shrimp (of four) sadly, it fell to the ground. I looked around carefully to make sure that nobody noticed, picked my poor piece of shrimp off the floor, placed it onto my plate and continued to consume my shrimp with "manners."

Feb 27, 2011
sircynic28 in General Topics

Best Cupcakes???

funny you should mention Lulu's in Scarsdale. At the recommendation of another chowhound in search of the perfect German Choc Cake, we ended up schlepping there. It was well it for the cake, outrageously fantastic, but by the time we got there, they had already sold out of their famous one pound or half pound cupcakes (?? i forget) next time we will order them...

couldnt agree with you more that the cupcakes at Smoke are the best. In fact they are REAL cupcakes. it amazes me how people in this great culinary jewel of a city set such low standards on CUPCAKES. cupcakes should have a nice, tender crumb to compliment the perfect frosting. it seems that most bakeries can't get BOTH parts right. Either the cake is to dry or dense, or (as in most cases) the frosting is too sweet. The only thing about Danny Meyer's cupcakes is that you have to buy the mixed variety, or at least the last time I was there you did.

As far as magnolia, billy's, buttercup, crumbs...I would honestly prefer Duncan Hines if I'm gonna have something either too sweet or too dry!

Aug 22, 2006
sircynic28 in Manhattan

Best gazpacho in the city

LOVE the creamy variety at Cafe Orlin as well...the avocado is just icing on the cake. The Green Table (?) in Chelsea Market also makes a refreshing no frills gazpacho with simple, fresh flavors, not having to hide mediocre flavored vegetables with tons of garlic and spices

Aug 09, 2006
sircynic28 in Manhattan

German Chocolate Cake in NYC?

big fans of german chocolate cake here. blackhounds "once frozen" variety is ok. the gcc at the four seasons hotel on maui used to be out favorite. followed by citizen cake in san fran.

we figured we would schlep to scarsdale this afternoon from the city and ordered a small gcc which had already heard about.

couldnt agree with you more. this was the best german choc cake ever.

service was lousy (they never pick up the phone) and they lost our order. but in the end, the cake was orgasmic, to say the least

Aug 06, 2006
sircynic28 in Manhattan