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Ciabatta rolls

I used to buy these great ciabatta rolls at Roma in Little Italy. They had a nice delicate crispy crust but were not too hard - perfect for sandwiches (baguette is too hard for what I am looking for). I called up today and apparently they haven't made bread for over 2 years now. Anyone know of similar rolls - preferably in NDG or even Mile-End area? Thanks!

Frozen artichoke hearts

Oops - sorry - they were bottoms, not hearts...

Frozen artichoke hearts

I actually found them at my local Metro (Queen Mary near Decarie). Not normal freezer section but open freezer at the end of veg section. Middle Eastern product I think.

Sour Red Cherries

I bought some frozen sour cherries at Adonis (Sauve location) a couple of years ago...

In Montreal - Need clear glass table ware that is dishwasher & oven safe

I just saw the Linen Chest flyer...they have Moderno glass dishes at 50% off -

Are there any good Doughnuts left in Montreal?

They have some yummy, made-to-order, (that is, served piping hot!) lightly sugared "beignets" at Lemeac on Laurier for brunch on the weekends. Can never resist them!

Best pizza in MTL

Hey Chowhounds: I am not a LOL, OMG type of gal, but I have to say...OMG - you must try the pizza at Rosalie on de la Montagne. I read Lesley Chesterman's review today and by pure luck was able to grab a reservation on the same day. Pizza was the best I have had since I lived in Italy 20 years ago...needless to say, it was a long wait! We tried the Quattro Stagione, the Macellaio, and La Parma. Hubby's favorite was the Macellaio (various meats), and mine was definitely La Parma (Mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto). Crust was perfect - light, chewy, slightly charred. Perfect. Service was just "ok" - ate most of my meal without a wine refill - but was so happy with the pizza that I almost didn't care. Much better than Bottega in my opinion. Highly recommend!


On Decarie service road, a little south of Queen Mary, there is a big Eastern European store - Budapest, if I am not mistaken.

Looking for Chinese rice wine for cooking

I can't seem to be able to find Chinese rice wine for cooking anymore - the kind WITHOUT salt. Any ideas ( I am in NDG area)? Thanks -

Looking for Costa D'oro olive oil

I just bought a bottle of Costa D'oro Il Grezzo EVOO at Boucherie Tranzo on Somerled in NDG

Nice place for Sit-Down Lunch Downtown Montreal?

Try Europea on de la Montagne - an excellent restaurant with a very reasonably-priced lunch menu.

Where can I buy cardboard box for my homemade birthday cake?

Try Ares kitchen supply store - there is one on the West Island, one in Centre Laval, and maybe one on the South Shore. I saw some white cake boxes (stored flat) a couple of months ago (Laval location) - there were many different sizes. There are also some great re-usable plastic (black) containers that caterers often use - not sure if there is a size for cakes, but I found one perfect for cupcakes.

Best pizza in MTL

I finally made it to Bottega, which I have been meaning to try for ages, having heard that the owner was going all out to re-create an authentic pizza here in Montreal. I went with very high expectations since I lived in Italy for several years (where I ate pizza every chance I got), and still travel there often. Things started off well with the appetizers, but unfortunately, I have to say that I was disappointed with the pizza. The toppings were obviously top quality, however the tomato sauce seemed to overpower the pizza even though it was quite bland (or maybe because it was so bland). Most important of all, the crust was too chewy and heavy even though it looked beautiful. A really great pizza crust manages to combine just the right amount of chewiness with crispness, tenderness and lightness. All in all, it was just not comparable to the real thing.

65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

James Macguire's Beef stew or Braised Beef recipe??

By the way, Chowhound moved my post here for some reason - this would be for the Montreal crowd - the recipe was printed in the Montreal Gazette -

Nov 28, 2009
Katchowhound in Home Cooking

James Macguire's Beef stew or Braised Beef recipe??

Would anyone happen to have a copy of a James MacGuire recipe that was printed in Lesley Chesterman's column - probably several years ago - I can't remember the name but it was a beef stew or braised beef or something similar. I distinctly remember reading that Ms. Chesterman's husband liked the dish so much he had 3 servings of it... Thanks!

Nov 28, 2009
Katchowhound in Home Cooking

Steel-cut oats in Montreal?

Funnily enough, I found McCann's at the Latina grocery on St-Viateur -


Am looking for some good-quality Virginia country-style ham for a party I'm hosting this weekend. Any suggestions about where to buy in Montreal? Am situated in NDG area, but willing to travel for it! Thanks.