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Pimientos de Padron

anyone know where to get 'em in NYC?

Nov 17, 2008
AndreainBrooklyn in Manhattan

Soup Dumplings in Brooklyn

Try Pacificana, 55th & 8th. Dim Sum is delicious and soup dumplings (ask for steamed crab dumplings, they don't call them soup dumplings there) are really, really good.

Stone Park Brunch -- too loud for anyone else?

I love the Stone Park brunch. The bluefish cakes with celeri-caper sauce are about as yummy as you can get, and the fried oysters are cooked oyster perfection, greaseless. And my kids are always happy with the food, which means I get to eat. But yesterday the music was so loud -- HAMMERING --- that we had to shout to be heard across the table. Several requests to management produced an imperceptible volume adjustment. I left hoarse -- and with a headache.

When I spoke, politely but emphatically, to the manager on duty about the volume level (which seems to get ratcheted up each time I go) he basically shrugged and said, "we're known for our rock and roll brunch." Is this true? Is everyone else happy with the noise level there? Because unless things change, I'll not be going back, despite the siren call of bluefish....