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Shad Roe?

I have seen it before at Salt River Lobster's truck in bethesda, maryland.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Does anyone know where these can be purchased in the DMV?

Pork Cheeks near gaithersburg

Hi all,

Called a few stores in the area but am not finding pork cheeks. Anyone know of a purveyor near gaithersburg md??


Best Peruvian in DC/MD

The Nibbler in Gaithersburg is great! It doesnt look like much from the outside, but when inside, the decor is unique. Their foods and sauces are delish! I def recommend :)

Table for 18 in Dupont

Can anyone suggest a few restaurants that might be able to seat 18 people on a saturday night??


Amazing Bday Dinner

thanks for all the posts. Anyone know of a really good tasting menu (in the dc area)??

Amazing Bday Dinner

Hi Foodies,

My boyfriend's bday is next month and i have been trying every morning to get seats at Minibar but to no avail...yes i got on the waiting list but i dont foresee that kind of luck. So can anyone suggest another memorable dinner?? (We have already eaten at Citronelle) Would be open to anything esp. Sushi, American, French, etc...

Thanks :)

3000 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

All you can eat crabs in Rockville, Gaithersburg or Germantown

Hi All,

Does anyone know of an all you can eat crabs restaurant in the Rockville Gaithersburg or Germantown area that is currently serving??


Where to get cured ham?

My father used to always buy his at A&H Gourmet and Seafood mart in bethesda...being that he was straight from Barcelona can tell you the quality of their products.

Authentic Thai

Hi all,

Just got back from Bangkok and miss the food already. Does anyone know of an authentic Northern or Southern style Thai restaurant in dc/md area?? Would be willing to travel to VA if need be.


Rotary or all you can eat sushi in gaithersburg, rockville or germantown

Hi foodies,

Can anyone suggest a great rotary or all you can eat sushi join in gaithersburg, rockville or germantown?


Family dining in Ocean City, MD

You are soooo right! Unfortunately i didnt read your post in time. We went there on wednesday night and were very disapointed! Hopefully someone will open up a good restaurant soon.

Family dining in Ocean City, MD

We absolutly love love love Blue Ox which is around 120th street (bayside). They offer great steaks, fresh shellfish and seafood and great atmosphere. Def more upscale than your normal stops.

Jackie's or Redwood

I would highly recommend Redwood!!!!

Sweetbreads and/or Foie Gras

Thanks everyone for the responses! I cant believe a SuperFresh carries it...pretty kewl.

Sweetbreads and/or Foie Gras

Hey Foodies,

Does anyone know if there is a store I can buy both sweetbreads and/or Foie Gras in the bethesda, rockville area???


Saturday Brunch, DC


Friend is graduating from Grad School next month and am looking for a great brunch...I remember a few years back going to the waterfront (georgetown) for an amazing brunch but cant remember if it was sequioas and if they only did that on sundays. Also, somewhere with bottomless champagne would be great.

Thanks :)

Sei, DC


Just read a great review in the Washington Post about this new restaurant...has anyone been there? What r ur thoughts??


Relic Lounge, Bethesda MD

Sorry for the dyslexia :)

Relic Lounge, Bethesda MD

Just wanted to share about a new bar that just openned in bethesda. They serve AMAZING mediterranian tapas, tasty libations and play great music...def a nice change from all of the other riff raff of bethesda, reminicent of a DC establishment. Check it out...its @ 4963 Fairmont Avenue 301-656-1209.


Monster Seafood! (DC)

Just got back from a weekend trip to Philly where I discovered a lil piece of heaven. We went to the large indoor market (by market street) where everything imaginable was include shrimp that were the width of my arm, im not joking! Their lobster tails were insanely large too! Im wondering, does Eastern market offer stuff like this??? and/or the Wharf ??

Lemme know :)

ps Salt River Lobster is offering an amazing Valentine's Day Special!!!!!

Sushi Grade Fish!

I love Salt River! But do they carry sushi-grade fish?

The Vyne??

I would have to strongly disagree with bigplate. My boyfriend and I went there this past saturday and were VERY dissapointed with EVERYTHING. I dont understand why there was such a crowd there. The service was sub par. The Vyne's sign outside says "raw bar"...there is only one dish of raw oysters offerred on the menu. We ordered numerous things off of the menu b/c we are foodies...everything was ultra subpar with the exception of the oysters (which was the only thing they didnt have a hand in preparing). The worst was the "creamed spinach" which tasted and looked as if it was poured directly out of the frozen cartons you find at any supermarket and doused with garlic powder, vile! We thought perhaps these kinds of kinks would be acceptable if the restaurant had just openned, but after reading that it has been open since!

DC "spare no expense" dinner recs?

Then you should definitly try Citronelle in georgetown!!!!

Sushi Grade Fish!

I have made sushi once before (many years ago). I am thinking of making it for valentines day and need to know if anyone knows of a great place to get high quality sushi grade fish in the bethesda/rockville area. Thanks :)

Whole Lobster Fans - Share Your Favorite D.C. Spot!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE TenPenh's lobster! The sauce is delicious and the lobster itself is cooked perfectly! In addition, the rest of the items on the menu are amazing! During the summer, they offered an app of fois gras on top of babingka (filipino rice dessert)...out of this world! I highly recommend it!

Free food at HH's

I just found this gem last week...Maggiano's in friendship heights offers an array of brushetta (sp), cold cut sammys, salad, pasta, olives, etc...My boyfriend and I went home stuffed and satisfied :)