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Hanami Princeton (ex-Sunny Garden): promising food, service not quite there

We were there last night. I agree with the note above, it's not Sunny Garden, in fact we were disappointed with both the food and service. The decor was redone nicely however, and my wife said the restrooms were very nice. Service was clumsy and they tried obnoxiously hard to sell us from the gourmet tea and smoothie menu which I didn't appreciate. My wife had a spicy tuna roll, which she said was quite good, but all the entrees were pricey and tasted of burned/old oil. These included Lo Mein, Mushu, and Fried Rice. The table next to ours was served Mushu before us, and their server filled the pancakes table-side. Ours were left to us for preparation. I left my wife a larger tip because she did an excellent job filling them. The server even had the nerve to ask if she "had fun" making them. Case closed. Personally I'll not return. Elements Asia on Quakerbridge Road is far superior in execution, flavor, service, and tea comes with each meal! I give them 6 months, max.


Jan 06, 2010
2ndToNone in New Jersey

Where to get Irish-style Bacon in Central Jersey?

There is a Polish deli in the Trenton Farmers Market that has it!

Nov 20, 2009
2ndToNone in New Jersey

The best homemade ice cream

Scottish Creamery in Oxford, MD

Try the Tiramisu or Brown sugar oatmeal flavors!

Aug 07, 2009
2ndToNone in New Jersey

Need Cambridge MD recc for Crab

Try Suicide Bridge:Hurlock, MD 21643 (410) 943-4689. It's a few miles up the Choptank from Cambridge, great for crabs. Everything else OK. We rolled there from St Michaels.

Aug 07, 2009
2ndToNone in Mid-Atlantic

Best destination town on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay?

Two weeks ago we found the replacement to Justine's - the Scottish Creamery in Oxford. I'm embarrassed to say that we drove there almost daily (road or ferry) - from St. Michaels. The Tiramisu, brown sugar oatmeal, fresh strawberry and other ice cream creations were awesome!

Aug 03, 2009
2ndToNone in Mid-Atlantic

Missing Entry (places mentioned)

Main Street (or Main Street Bistro, Princeton) is listed in the following article, but not noted in the places mentioned column.



May 28, 2009
2ndToNone in Site Talk

Real Mexican Food In New Jersey

It's a joint, but Mexican Village in Princeton. Not sure how authentic, but it beats a chain any day. Off the beaten path, very rustic, a rough hidden gem.

Dec 04, 2008
2ndToNone in New Jersey

Venice - Anniversary Dinner

It's not in Venice, but Verona, just across the bridge - and worth the ride.

Antica Bottega del Vino.
3 Vicolo Scudo di Francia

This is a quaint and charming spot that is really hopping as the night grows later. Outstanding food and wine, but in a bustling atmosphere that feels very authentic, not quiet and posh.


Nov 17, 2008
2ndToNone in Italy

Good hibachi near West Windsor/Princeton?

We always liked Shogun 27 when we lived in South Brunswick, but haven't been for several years. We have always been put off by the cleanliness of Banzai on Quakerbridge Road. Our favorite has to be Bimi in the Westin Hotel, Forrestal Village. Usually easy to get into, not quite as "active" as a Benihana, but very reliable through the years.

Nov 17, 2008
2ndToNone in Mid-Atlantic