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Moody St. Waltham Sunday

2nd for el amigo, that place rocks. Taqueria Mexico has jumped the shark probably because of their increased popularity due to discount deals and expanded menu (less focus on the authentic dishes). Omar and the folks that work there are real nice but my last 3 meals have been dissapointing.

Taqueria Mexico
24 Charles St, Waltham, MA 02453

Jun 23, 2011
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Reports on the Island Creek Oyster Festival?

Great event with perfect weather that more than made up for last year.

Skip and the Island Creek folks are very friendly and the event has such a local vibe.

1/2 of the dishes served from chefs were different variations of oysters and razor clams supplied by Island Creek. In the VIP tent, Tony Maws served razor clams in a very simple broth which nice but was hoping for some pork belly on the original menu, Ming Tsai served cooked oysters with black pepper garlic sauce and was busy hamming it up for TV and press, Jody Adams from Rialto served an excellent spiced rabbit hoagie and a clam chowder, Jeremy Sewall from ESK and Island Creek Oyster Bar served a half lobster tail topped with a chorizo which was gone in less than an hour.

Harpoon was serving a number of beers including the Oyster Stout which was actually very good with only a hint of oyster.

The main tent had a number of other great dishes, lines were long at certain points, but it was an excellent event for a good cause.

Island Creek Oysters
296 Parks St, Duxbury, MA 02332

Sep 13, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

is it worth it??

buywithme, but the deal sold out.

I would recommend signing up for daily emails for groupon and buywithme, lots of good restaurant deals....

Jul 13, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Always looking for Pignoli Macaroons

Yeah, just started picking up the walnut and almond macaroons at Tabrizi. My 1st order wasn't great, the cookies were very hard, the 2nd time was a charm as they were soft and very tasty.

What else is good at Tabrizi?

Watertown,MA, Watertown, MA

Jun 23, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Always looking for Pignoli Macaroons

I have this very strong addiction to pine nut macaroons and am always looking to try a better version. At this point, may go to spot is Modern pastry, their version is usually the perfect balance of moist, soft, and chewy with great balance of almond flavor.

What are some other places that give Modern a run for their money?

Jun 23, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Where to watch the World Cup?

Phoenix Landing in Cambridge

Phoenix Landing
512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

Jun 07, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Breakfast/Brunch near 128 & MassPike?

A convenient option would be Knotty Pine Restaurant in Auburndale, right off of 128/Pike exit in Newton, It is a diner style restaurant with good (for a diner) breakfast/lunch options at a reasonable price.

Knotty Pine Restaurant
295 Auburn St, Auburndale, MA 02466

May 20, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

2010 Winter RW Report

Also had a disappointing RW meal at Meritage considering the great reviews on this board.

The meal started of great, we were greeted by the host and maître d’ who were extremely friendly and asked us if we would like to wait a few minutes for a window seat. Our waiter was also very attentive during the meal, but there was some confusion regarding utensils and what dish each person was having

The appetizers were very good, I enjoyed the smoked salmon appetizer with avacado and creme fraiche, it was bit sized but the smoked salmon complimented the creamy flavor of the other ingredients. My DC had the wild mushroom soup which excellent, it had the right balance of cream and a deep mushroom flavor.

This is where the meal went down hill quickly. Both of our entrees were lukewarm, my fiilet was a perfectly cooked and a nice treat for RW, but very average due to underseasoned veggies and bland potatoes. My DC's sacallops were a disaster, the dish had only 2 medium sized scallops which were a little rubbery. This dish gave both of us the feeling that there was no value in RW at Meritage, they were clearly cutting corners on the dishes.

The desserts were average, the tasting plates were nice, but nothing to write home about.

With so many other great options, I will not be going back to Meritage.

Meritage Restaurant
70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110

Mar 27, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Need a Fabulous Birthday Cake for 50

Another vote for Icing on the Cake, I am addicted to the Golden Amaretto cakes, the Amaretto buttercream is incredible.

Feb 18, 2010
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Annapurna horrible disappointment

Same exact experience with the certificate at Annapurna except i was dealing directly with the owner. He seemed to understand certificates were issued for his restaurant but refused to accept them. The food was actually decent, but i wouldn't return as the prices and food portions didn't seem to jive.

Dec 28, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

ISO Italian Subs in Newton

Depasquale's Grocery, 241 Adams Street in Nonantum (aka the lake).

Nov 30, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Chia Seeds in Boston (or Cambridge)

Not a direct answer, but i would strongly recommend buying online. There are many reputable sources at reasonable prices.

Oct 12, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Seeking food ideas for Sept 12th barn party in Newton/Weston area

Russo's in Watertown does catering. They have excellent produce, deli meats, cheeses, and prepared foods.

Sep 04, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham was closed today. Will it be open again soon?

It was open last night, i dropped in for taco especiales with lengua, which really hit the spot. I really love this place, the only thing that eats away at me are the fact that the nachos are store bought, it takes away from my enjoyment of their excellent homemade salsa.

Renovations appear to be a new tiled floor and colorful paint job on the inside walls. Not sure about any improvements in the kitchen.

Sep 04, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Restaurant Recomendation for 50th Anniv. - rent entire space

Although i have no specific recommendations, OpenTable has a comprehensive directory for private dining in the Boston area:

Aug 21, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

10th wedding anniversary: is Oleana the best choice?


Aug 21, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Looking for Marie Sharp hot sauces

Why not buy direct from the source? Not local, but looks like the best prices:

Best flavor?

Aug 11, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Private Party Locations

Mamma Maria in is probably the best option for private dining in the north end. Various rooms to choose from with consistently good food with excellent service.

Aug 04, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Visit to Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham

IMO, the best Mexi outside of Boston, I think they put their local competition (Taqueria Mexico) to shame. The Beef Tongue is to die for, always excellent flavor and moist. It would be more enjoyable with a Pacifico but I can survive with a Jarritos Mandarin.

Jul 30, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Dok Bua: Still on top of its game

I agree Dok Bua is always in the running for the best thai in the city. However, I feel like they have raised prices multiple times in the last year and the value isn't what it used to be. However, the food is consistently good, service is friendly, and i love the ambiance (especially the dishwasher on the way to the bathroom), it will certainly remain in my rotation. I just find myself visiting S&I and Rod Dee more frequently for cheap eats when i don't require table service.

Jul 27, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

summer restaurant week!!

Can you provide more detail on your visit to Oceanaire? It seems like previous feedback on the RW menu was pretty positive.

Jul 24, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Inside Fenway Park

The Kettle Corn is a great snack, located under the bleacher/RF section.

Jun 09, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Best Cupcakes, for sure!

I am a fan of Party Favors vanilla but their chocolate is average. I am still partial to The Icing on the Cake cupcakes despite the outrageous prices....

Feb 12, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Private dining for 30-40 for wedding celebration dinner

Since we are eloping in the South Pacific, we thought it would be nice to celebrate with our friends with a nice dinner in the summer. We are looking for a restaurant with a private dining room in the Boston area or beyond. The top priority is food/service, it is extremely important that the food is consistently very good and the service is top notch. The group will be a mixed crowd (not many foodies), so we are trying to avoid ethnic restaurants or high end establishments. The budget is around $100pp including food and drinks and we would prefer to avoid restaurants that charge for the room or have high minimum charges.

Our first choice is Eastern Standard but it looks 50/50 that they will expand their private dining area by this summer. Other recommendations have been Mamma Maria due to their wonderful private rooms and the Harvest outdoor area (only available during lunch), but we have had mixed experiences with both restaurants.

Any new ideas or recommendations would be appreciated.

Jan 23, 2009
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

Christmas in Chinatown

After years of begging and groveling, I have finally convinced the family to make the trip to Chinatown for Christmas day dinner. I am partial to Cantonese style seafood restaurants such as Peach Farm, but am interested in any other recommendations that may be good options for the holiday. A place that takes reservations may be ideal, since I assume it may be fairly busy.

Dec 15, 2008
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

deals on gift certificates

I have a sneaking suspicion that certificates are a dark secret for many of us. I was lucky enough to use them many times at Gari and still enjoy using them at Kingston Station for the wonderful Steak Frites. I have never had a problem using the certificates and they have great customer service (but an extremely slow website).

Nov 21, 2008
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area

New Pub Coming to West Newton

I also dropped by the local this weekend. I sat at the bar, the restaurant is basically the same as Crowley's with a slightly more upscale feel due to the new flat screens, darker interior, and candles. The place was comfortably full at 8PM, a majority of the people in the bar were friends of the owners. I had a Kobe burger which was cooked as ordered and had great flavor. The Truffled Parmesan Fries were a disaster given that they were served cold and were clearly sitting around for a long time and were mushy and saturated with oil. I am sure these would have been good if they were fresh and crisp, but these were returned in favor of the fried pickles which were very good.

I was also underwhelmed by the beer selection, I tried the "local" selections including the Long Trail Heffenweizen and Cisco Whale's Tale Pale Al.

I will most likely go back and dig into the entrees. However, I am still longing to fill the empty spot in my heart left by the departure of the old Biltmore crew.....

Nov 18, 2008
jinx1832 in Greater Boston Area