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Christmas Coconut Cake

OMG, I cannot believe this arrived in my email today. I was just lamenting how much I missed my grandmother's coconut cake, and now she's gone and I don't have a recipe. This sounds just close enough, bless you! :D

Dec 16, 2010
Feisty Bourbon Girl in Recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

I cannot wait to make this. The person who thought this up is a GENIUS! An evil genius. :D

Nov 05, 2010
Feisty Bourbon Girl in Recipes

Where is chef Peter Chang now?

He's scouting out spaces in Short Pump, a suburb of Richmond, VA to open a restaurant in a few months - maybe by the summer. Search Chang, Richmond, Short Pump, restaurant on the web and you'll get a few hits....

Trader Joe's Lemongrass Chicken Stix

Oh my lord, I've eaten a whole box of these on more than one occasion. I have good intentions of serving them for guests, but they never make it that far :)

Jan 22, 2009
Feisty Bourbon Girl in Features

London : Trip to London In January, Nobu, Aikens, Wareing.

Marcus Wareing was the best meal of my life. By all means try to secure a reservation here. I went there with my husband in June and we're still talking about it. Click the link to read my review (I wrote about it over several entries).... Enjoy!

Madmen party! need ideas!

Goulash. Oh so yummy Hungarian goulash ;) After your tomato juice appetizer of course.

Seriously though, I like the idea of Mad Men accounts (Utz, etc.) but you might want to look at some old 1950's and 60's cookbooks for appetizer recipes as well. You'll be authentic, and some of them are a HOOT! I found one at a flea market called "Canned Meat Magic!"

Old Fashioned Cocktail

I love that Don Draper has brought this drink back (looked up the recipe and found this). IMHO all that fruit ruins the rye (which ISN'T rare, puh-leez, any good liquor store carries Old Overholt)

Nov 17, 2008
Feisty Bourbon Girl in Recipes