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Pulled Jerk Chicken Sandwiches

Delicious! Although I changed it a bit by leaving out the cilantro and substitute the molasse with less dbrown sugar. Really tasty. The cooking time differed for me. The meat fell from the bone after merely 3,5 hours completely. thx for the recipe so.

Oct 29, 2009
T3o in Recipes

German Chocolate Cake

Besides the "Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate", which is not available in Germany, at least not by this name, it is in fact a pretty typical cake batter or "Rührteig" as we call it.
There ARE differences as for flour and buttermilk but over all it is it. By the way in Germany by far the most used flour is "pastry flour" (Typ 405).

What made me look twice were the pecan nuts and coconut...either it's a recipe "straight outta germa sixties" (as "Toast Hawaii" or it must be global warming, because those are definitly NOT typical ingredients from germany. :)

Dec 11, 2008
T3o in Recipes

Rich Simple Syrup

Sorry to disappoint you two, but the ratio of syrup is way more complicated then that.
There's a lot of possible combinations of heating procedures and ratios that give the many (simplyfied 7(!) ) different "syrups" or better different states of sugar. One of them is infact caramel. You don't use a sugar hydrometer for nothing...keywords "degree baumé" or "degree brix"

And by the way isn't the ratio for "bar syrup" generally 2:1 ?

Nov 16, 2008
T3o in Recipes