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Michelin HK & Macao debut just out

Restaurants awarded three stars are:
Lung King Heen
Robuchon a Galera (the only starred entry from Macao)

Restaurants awarded two stars are:
Bo Innovation
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Shang Palace
Summer Palace
T’ang Court

Restaurants awarded one star are:
Fook Lam Moon
Lei Garden (IFC)
Lei Garden (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Ming Court
Regal Palace
Shanghai Garden
The Golden Leaf
The Square
Tim’s Kitchen
Yung Kee

In search of great HK diners, "cha chan teng"

None of the replies are giving you anything that's in Mongkok. Why? Because none of them knows. Blame it to the sorry state of ignorance people on all thing that's out of the Hong Kong island; blame it on sad fact that Mongkok is not on their comfort zone. Tsui Wah pops up here because they have English menu -- yet, I have to ponder -- do you want to rub your shoulder with visitors who can only read English menu or do you want try out some local colors?

Dont' get me wrong, Tsui Wah is damn good by all standard. Good service, good food and good in that you can eat there without worrying any scandalous hygiene issues. But then again, why we need cha chann teng in the first place? Why not stick with the hotels or the chains is that's all your concerns?

1. Kam Wah Cafe
47 Bute Street, Mongkok
Tel: 23926830
(for the one of best pineapple buns in town; the egg tart is also top notch)

2. Lan Ting Cafe
110 Fu Yuen Street, Mongkok
Tel: 23947193
(once again, top notch pineapple buns & pies; remember to sneak up to the penthouse for a dash of unbeatable tranquility in the briskest place of Hong Kong)

3. Hung Wan Cafe
726 Shanghai Street, Mongkok
Tel: 2392 6038
(again, play a spy and go upstairs. try their tea sets. Baked buns w/ pork chop or satay beef are all good)

4. China Cafe
1081 Canton Road, Mongkok
Tel: 2392 7825
(one of my favs. this place was featured in a lot of local films about triad, you knows, bad guys cutting deals in stealth. The old-fashioned tilt, the fans on the ceilings; try their fried rice flair and spongy cake. Don't forget to order the sweet soup made with custard and raw egg)

Yes, none of these places gonna show you a English menu. But so what? Since when was good place rated by the availability of an English menu?!