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The Marais from 27 December to 3 January

I will be staying in the Marais from the dates noted above. I know this is an incredibly open ended post but I'd appreciate any cafe and restaurant suggestions.....places that I should definitely try to get to if I can get a reservation. We will be staying in an apartment so I have no worries about NYE. I will take the advice of many on the board and eat in and then head out. Our apartment has a gourmet chef's kitchen so we may eat in a few nights.

Anyway, I will scour this board for previous posts but any suggestions are appreciated.

Dec 16, 2010
behan in France

Anneke Jans sold...

It will be interesting to see what changes are implemented.

Anneke Jans
60 Wallingford Sq., Kittery, ME 03904

Oct 28, 2010
behan in Northern New England


Thanks...I should have been more defined. In town for a BC event that starts at 7pm and will end too late for dinner. We are looking for good food but probably a quick meal from 5 to 6:30 or so...Thanks for the suggestions.

Oct 22, 2009
behan in Greater Boston Area


Any suggestions for a restaurant in Newton, MA or that area? Thanks

Oct 22, 2009
behan in Greater Boston Area

Hispanic Food Supplies in Portsmouth, N.H.?

I've noticed a lot of Goya products at the Shaw's and the Market Basket on Woodbury Avenue in Portsmouth.

Nov 16, 2008
behan in All New England Archive