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So this Billerica woman walks into a Somerville Market Basket . . .

You are directly describing the Market Basket near me in Ashland. I sometimes walk over there on Sunday mornings. I have to go early, or I'll be in there a VERY long time. Someone told me the aisles are much narrower than Shaw's, so your already slowed down before someone "pulls over" to browse the rice.
I like the place because I have gotten to know Chris, one of the meat guys. He will cut a roast how I like it, find me or make me just what I need. Pretty cool. When you hear someone on Food Network say "get to know you your butcher", they are not kidding. The produce selection is unmatched. There are many pros to off balance the cons.

Nov 10, 2009
RayMc in Greater Boston Area

Vinegar and Spice Oven-Baked Ribs

Made the ribs. They came out very good. My teenagers even liked them!!Much different from the standard bbq ribs I usually do, but a welcome change. The little bits of roasted lemon peel was actually very good, I thought it would be something to avoid at all costs.

Oct 02, 2009
RayMc in Recipes

Vinegar and Spice Oven-Baked Ribs

Will give these vinegar ribs a try this weekend, probably with some variation or other. That just what I do! Will relate the outcome.

Sep 11, 2009
RayMc in Recipes

What's the Origin of the Word "Cocktail"?

I have always thought the name cocktail came from the fact that a fighting cock (male chicken) or bantam rooster has a very colorful tail. Mixing many liquors of varing colors could have perhaps brought about the name. That's my take.

Ray Mc -- aka the Smokin' Scotsman
(barbeque -- not cigarettes)

Dec 11, 2008
RayMc in Features

Scottish food / recipes

Jock --
Thanks so much for your swift reply. I am sure there are many cross-over dishes, as you have said. I talk to Welsh people, just not English unless absolutlety neccessary!
Did you get to the recent games at Loon in Sept? Great times, much whisky!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Hogmanay, etc!!

Ray Mc --

Nov 16, 2008
RayMc in All New England Archive

Scottish food / recipes

Anyone out there interested in Scottish food? I am an avid cook, and am trying to build my skills to include the food of my heritage. Not very exotic, I know -- but certainly unique!!!

I have thus far made stovies, shortbread, scotch eggs, haggis (of a sort), cock-a leekie soup, cullen skink chowder, among others.
I'm trying to get a menu planned for the upcoming St. Andrew's day (Sun. Nov. the 30th)
Yes, I have a kilt and wear it whenever I get a good excuse!

Any input or questions/dialouge would be much appreciated.

Thanks much
Ray Mc --

Nov 15, 2008
RayMc in All New England Archive

Burn's Supper

Does anyone know of any Burn's Suppers that are planned for this coming January or February in New England?

I would love to attend one, and perhaps even one day prepare and host one of my own.

Any help would be appreciated! Happy holidays and Hogmanay!

Ray Mc --

RayMc - duplicate
New St, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP20 2, GB

Nov 15, 2008
RayMc in All New England Archive