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New to DE

Hi Welcome to Delaware. I Grew up there, and my parents still live out in the Pike Creek
Valley Area.
They like a small boutique place on Union Street Called: ECLIPSE.
They also like Toscana , Green Room, Deep Blue, and 821.
Mendenhall Inn has upgraded (improved) recently they tell me
Don't know if Krazy Kat's is still open and serving fine eclectic fare in Greenville (pricey)

Up 295 north to Jersey - take Route 70 exit west (Cherry Hill/Marlton) towards Philadelphia until you find
SIRI's Thai -French @ 2 miles on the left (green awning , small strip mall) Fantastic food
and BYOB. Nice surroundings.
If you take an exit before route 70, the exit for Voorhees (route 561) and bear right up the
ramp and head @ 5miles to the Ritz Movie Theater Plaza, you will find
Fantastic Indian Food at CORRIANDER - surroundings are simple sophisticated and service
is impeccable.
Almost next door is Nouveau fusion Chinese and Sushi at Chez Elena WU, 4 or five
stoor fronts down is the Tiny (Reservations recommended) restaurant- RITZ SEAFOOD.
This place has fantastic seafood and delicious desserts. (HIgh Zagat's rating and featured
on Food TV NETWORK!)

All three of these are BYOB.

Enjoy and please post if you go.

Mark H.

Sep 22, 2007
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic

Avalon, NJ Rehearsal Dinner

Cafe Loren?

Sep 22, 2007
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic


Try a Kabinett Reisling especially with Chinese, Thai, or Indian food

Try an Italian white Wine called Tenuta Revoglia- delicious but not quite as crisp
as a the Albarino.

A good quality Austrian Gruner-Veltligner also might be to your liking (spelling ?)

Mark H.

Sep 22, 2007
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic

Ristorante Toscana in Cherry Hill

Went there two weekends ago with 8 person party.
The place was jammed and noisy.
Decor was nice.

Appetizers were delicious- I had a tuna carpaccio that was
The Fried Calamari was delicious

Entres ranged from ok to very good

The service was so SLOW and I mean SLOW, that we had to
speak to the manager twice and we are not complainers.

They offered to comp us each a take home dessert since
we had decided not to order any.

The comp dessert took so long to prepare for each of us that
we all just got up and walked out vowing to never
return again.

There are too many other excellent Italian BYOB
restaurants in South Jersey ...

Mark H.

Dec 04, 2006
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic

Eating in/around Avalon NJ?

Cafe Lauren has a nice laid back and quaint atmosphere
Food is not spectacular but is very good and well presented
Bring a good bottle of wine and you will enjoy yourself.

Avalon @ 18th street?

Second the vote for Karen and Reis

If you can travel and have deep pockets, Try Savaradio in
Linwood - you must have one of their desserts.

Good luck

Aug 16, 2006
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic

Champa-Laos Great New Thai-Laotian-French BYOB in CherryHill NJ

Hi Michelle,

Try Samsuk on White Horse Road in Voorhees
and for French-Thai, try Siris on rt 70 across from the new
Wegmans and the other stores.
Siri's use to be our favorite place but they have had many
chefs leave in the past year or so.
We still think that it is good overall

Water Lilly in Collingswood is also good



Aug 09, 2006
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic

Champa-Laos Great New Thai-Laotian-French BYOB in CherryHill NJ

To all you Philly and South Jersey Thai Food lovers, My wife and
I just returned from our first outing to this lovely BYOB restaurant
which I HIGHLY recommend!

It has an ambience similar to Siris Thai French and Sam Suk- both
high on our list of Asian food restaurants.
The menu is extensive,it offers a wide variety of classic
Thai and Laotian soups, salads, entres of fish, seafood, chicken, duck,and vegetarian. There are many appetizers and specials to choose from as well. The food is delicious and well presented,
and the service is impeccable, although some "forced bussing" occurred
towards the end of our meal when my wife had finished but I was
still dining.

The dessert tray was also foisted on us much to quickly.

We started with Beer battered Calamari which came with two
dipping sauces- a honey Wasabi and the other I am not sure of but
it was sweet and had crushed peanuts in it. If you have been
to Siris Thai French (one of our favorite restaurants, the sauce
was similar to that which accompanies their famous "golden bags")

We also tried Some shrimp and minced chicken steamed dumplings which
were heavenly and melted in your mouth.

They were accompanied by a Mirin or Tamarind soy sauce -dark and

For the main course, My wife had a Chillean Sea bass filet
stuffed with spinach and Feta Cheese in a Tamarind Sauce.
It was delicious. It was served wtih a mound of Jasmine rice.

I like to compare Penang sauce whenever I visit a new Thai restaurant and I am partial
to red curry with coconut.
That was my basis for Choosing (and swooning over) the Duck
with red curry coconut sauce and Jasmine rice.
Wow! Beautiful presentation with generous servings of sliced duck arranged circumferrentially around the deep dish.
The sauce was a perfect meld of spicy and sweet.
There were many vegetables including juicy grape tomatoes, eggplant,
carrots and green beans all swimming in the heavenly and spicy broth. Some pineapple Chunks were in the dish as well, but looked
as if they spilled directly from a DOLE can and were not cut
fresh in the kitchen.
The duck was much more moist than that served at A Little Thai Kitchen and on par with that of Sam Suk and Siris.

There are some items on the menu which remind me of Siris
and the late great Le Me Toujours (Gone but not forgotten-sob!)

These include Maccadamia Encrusted Crab Cakes, Salmon in a Apricot
Brandy demi glaze, and on the predictable Dessert tray-
mostly of various mousse cups ( Choc-raspberry, Mango, etc) there
was a maccadamia Nut and cocconut tart- where have I seen that

The home made icecream, however was the coup de grace.

This was THE freshest and the most deeply flavorful Mango Icecream that
I have ever tasted and it was presented on a grid of caramel and
raspberry drizzlings.

We did not have any coffee

Total for dinner was $66 pre tax.

I recommend that anyone who thoroughly enjoys Asian, Indian,
and French-Asian cuisine, especially dishes with a bit of
spicy "Zing" to them, run, not walk to Champa Laos.

Do Not take a heavenly oaked white wine. In fact no oak is best
at this venue.
This Food is best with Viognier, Reisling, or Sauvignon Blanc
or a peppery or spicy Red such as Shiraz or Zinfandel.

They have a web site where you can peruse their menu.

They are located on Haddonfield-Berlin Road in Cherry Hill
in a small strip mall adjacent to Nona's Tuscan Steak House,
approx one mile from I-295.

There was a pretty good review of this restaurant in the Courier Post on Sunday
June 25th.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Aug 06, 2006
Markarotti in Mid-Atlantic