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Thai food in Bethesda?

Looking for yummy Thai tonight in Bethesda. I've never been a big fan of Tara Thai. I know we could go to Sala Thai, but I've been there a bunch, too. Is there a hidden gem (or not so hidden gem) that I'm missing?

Zatanya's booked. Now What?


Zatanya's booked. Now What?

Trying to plan a surprise birthday dinner for one of my girlfriends. Her favorite restaurant in the area is Zatanya, but alas they are booked (the party is three weeks out from now and there are 10 of us). Any suggestions for fun and delicious dinners for a group of that size? The only real requirement is that the vegetarian options be as tasty as the meat options since she's a vegetarian. Thanks!

Family friendly steak in falls church?

Hi! I'm new to this board, but not the area. I've seen several posts about falls church, but not what I'm specifically looking for... hoping you can help. I'm trying to find a family-friendly restaurant in or around falls church that has good steak (prime rib would be best, but any good steak will do...) Thanks so much!