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close to furore?

I stayed at the Furore Inn 3 years ago for a week. The food at the restaurant is fantastic as are the cooking classes. In terms out of outside food, I would suggest traveling to Amalfi or Praiano or Positano. I will be in Positano in September for 2 weeks. I never leave because most of the restaurants are excellent. Ravello has fantastic restaurants as well. It is about a 40 Euro taxi ride to either place.

Aug 16, 2009
theresah in Italy

Offal at Rosebud

Thank you for the review. I will be heading there in September. Can't wait to try Matt Cowan's decadence once again! I miss him in the neighborhood.

Ultra Supper Club

RIP Bamboo Boo Hooo

Outside Toronto

I was part of a party of 6 last night at Rare. Everyone loved their meals. We had the Caesar salad, Niagara prosciutto and the ribs to start. We sampled each one of the entrees. Same for the desserts. This place is a great find in the Kawartha's. This was our second visit and would definitely go back.

English Guests

My UK relatives love Le Paradis.

Caring for All Clad

Way to put an end to my post tommy. I simply wanted the opinion of fellow chowhounders.

Jul 31, 2009
theresah in Cookware

Is there such a thing as a good, well-priced cappuccino maker?

Great topic. I swear by Bialetti, but not the Mocha Mocha. Too hard to clean. I had a cup from a Faema this week and I swear this was the best cup of coffee I have ever had. I am going to purchase one on Saturday. I will keep you posted.

Jul 30, 2009
theresah in Cookware

Caring for All Clad

It was the non-stick version and the non-stick started to peel around the edges. I was surprised. I replaced them with regular (not the non-stick version). I hope they stand up to the test of time.

I look forward to your responses.

Jul 30, 2009
theresah in Cookware

Caring for All Clad

Last week I took advantage of the lifetime guarantee and replaced my entire set of All Clad. Williams Sonoma honoured the guarantee. BUT, they gave me a hard time because they thought that I was putting it in the dishwasher. I wash my pots by hand. I never use abrasive sponges. Just as I was about the load my new set into my car, the woman told me that I should never use cooking sprays on my cookware. I have googled and searched this board and haven't found any information to back this up. I also checked All Clad's website and didn't find a reference to this warning. Has anyone else been told this with regard to high quality cookware?

Jul 30, 2009
theresah in Cookware

Alexia Crunchy Snacks

According to their website there are many retailers in Ontario. Just check the Where to Buy tab. I have had them and they are good. Thank you for the reminder.

another chain coming to avenue road

thank you Toveggiegirl. Do you know anything about the Manor location? With French Quarter up the road, I hope they can compete. Cheers.

Report from Positano

Sampaguita, my brain is spinning. I am going to go through all of my receipts and try to tell exactly what we had. It appears that we have similiar tastes. Will be in Positano in September. I go every year so my head is full of wonderful meals that I have had. In fact, I have never been disappointed in this area. I will hopefully have something for you by the end of the week. I take it that you have read TripAdvisor as well.


Jul 28, 2009
theresah in Italy

What do YOU consider "empty calories"?

I fry my bread in the bacon grease. This is very popular in the UK. One of my favourite breakfast items.

Jul 27, 2009
theresah in Not About Food

Report from Positano

I ate at Il Capitano when it first opened up. It was very good but it didn't compare to Don Alfonso. It is right on the water so you can't beat the view.

Jul 26, 2009
theresah in Italy

another chain coming to avenue road

Sob! More traffic congestion on Avenue Road.

McEwan's - ripped off!

This is no surprise, this is the reason that I have avoided this place. I enjoy good food, but paying a premium doesn't make it better. I too buy my Bufala at other locations and will not pay over $10 for this size. I believe that good food is in the preparation as well as fresh ingredients. McKewan gets his Bufala at the same place that everyone else does. Paying $9.99 for a takeout sandwich???

another chain coming to avenue road

Thank you girlstar.

another chain coming to avenue road

My O Thai! Not another Thai place. We are pretty satisfied with Satay on The Road. Curious if anyone knows what is going in the old Shopper's Drug Mart location at Avenue and Woburn? I live near by and was hoping that it would be a fruit/veg market. We are lacking that in this area.

Also, the old Second Cup location, is there any plans for that? So sad to see all these places out of business.

Loblaws is acquiring T&T

Shame shame shame shame shame, did I say shame? I gave up on Loblaw's 3 years ago and just discovered T & T. I hope Galen doesn't turn it into Memories of T & T.

Jul 24, 2009
theresah in Food Media & News

Funnel Fun on Avenue

I was at Wonderland this weekend (don't ask me why). The price of a funnel cake there is $8.99, that includes enough whip cream for a family and some fruit on top. It seems reasonable because it is really meant for two. In terms of sitting down in a restaurant and eating what is equivalent to an 80 cent Tim Horton doughnut, I think $16 is outrageous for a dessert that does not contain expensive ingredients. I would rather sit in Starbucks or Tim Hortons and enjoy a reasonable priced pastry.

Best pizza that delivers (to Yonge & Eglinton)?

I also order from Classico. Their crust is fantastic. I usually go for the ham and pineapple. Actually you can't go wrong with most of their menu.

best arugula/rucola/rocket/roquette/rokka salads in TO?

I agree with you. Rocket here is not the same as you would find in say Italy. Nothing tastes peppery enough for me. But, I did have a nice arugula salad ONCE at Le Paradis. Not sure if they have it. The rocket that I buy at Pusateri's is most likely the best that I have had in Toronto. The packaged stuff is rubbish, no taste.

Best seafood restaurant in Toronto

I second Chiado. Outstanding variety of fish and the wine list is a very different from what you will find at Starfish.

Did anyone go to summerlicious 2009?

I will give this place another go ddelicious because I have heard great things about it. Last night was an exception because of the heat and the Summerlicious event. Thanks again for the recommendation.

Trillium Bistro

Harsh! Yes it was open, sure of that. Not kicking tires, just making a comment. In the end, Locavore was reasonable. Who has written them off the page?

Did anyone go to summerlicious 2009?

So we ended up going to Tutto Pronto tonight. Didn't know that it was Summerlicious. However, the place was extremely hot, not sure if AC was working or perhaps because of Summerlicious it was packed. I had the Summerlicious menu, crab cakes (bland), pasta (bland), seems salt is a no no at this place. Dessert was Kahlua creme brulee, devastatingly sweet and rather inedible. Partner had grilled salmon from the main menu which was very good. I will give this place another go when it is cooler outside as well, no Summerlicious menu.

stratto pizza - avenue road

Thank you very much ddelicious, I drive this place all the time and have never been in. Given the reviews of Stratto, I think I will take you up on your recommendation. Stratto seems like a family place. I am looking for a place to take my mother-in-law.

stratto pizza - avenue road

Does anyone have a recent review of this place? I was thinking of going there this evening. Or can anyone suggest a place on Avenue Road that is worth visiting?

Trevor Kitchen and Bar (bad review)

I went to Trevor's last year at Christmas time. We had the table by the kitchen. We had the tasting menu, I should mention $190 later and we were hungry. The food was dreadful. I fell on the floor near the kitchen. When I approached Trevor the owner, his response "the waitstaff fall all the time". Would never go back to this place if the food was free. The owner needs a serious attitude adjustment. I haven't heard or read one good thing about this place.

Cheese fondue--anyone tried Beer Bistro's or Carin's recently?

I would skip the fondue at the Bier Market. I had it a couple of months ago and it tasted like Cambell's tomato soup. Big layer of ick on top. I returned it and was not charged, but would not go back for that. The other places are OK but nothing beats homemade.