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10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

El's Drive-in located in Morehead City, NC has been there over 50 years. The joint can't be much larger than 30X30 with bathrooms around back. A server comes out to your car for your order, and then brings out the dogs in a brown bag. You can tell they are good by the grease stains coming through the bag. The hot dogs there are great.......with mustard, onions, chili, and slaw..... that sweet white slaw. My wife, the health food nut, says that it is a good thing that El's is next to the hospital, so I won't have far to go if I have a heart attack eating there. It's easier to enjoy the dogs if I leave her at home. Their hand pattied hamburgers are good too.

Nov 14, 2008
topsailislander in Southeast