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Where to find sun-dried olives from Crete in Montreal

I tasted these recently from a friend who got them directly from Crete and would love to find them here. They're salty with just a hint of sweetness and look like raisins... Anyone have any suggestions?

Boston Butt

I looked it up and apparently Boston Butt (in reference to Beef) is, indeed, a rump cut and is commonly roasted. I've never heard of this before so I wanted to see if anyone else had... look at this particular recipe:

Jan 26, 2010
foxburger in General Topics

Boston Butt

Can anyone tell me what part of the cow is the Boston Butt cut? Yes, I do know that for pork, it's the rear of the shoulder...

Jan 26, 2010
foxburger in General Topics

Where do I find Corinthian grapes in Montreal?

I need to find these grapes for a recipe asap. Any suggestions?

Where to drink Absinthe in Montreal bars?

What are the best bars to drink Absinthe in Montreal? I know Billy Kun offers it, but are there other places?

Soda CO2 Cartridges in Montreal

Does anyone know if I can get 8 gram cartridges of CO2 for my soda dispenser here in Montreal? The mark of my maker is Kayser but I'm pretty sure any one will do.

communal dining experience?

Is there anywhere else in Montreal with this Cartet concept? Kind of like Wagamama in the UK, where people are not necessarily eating together, but just sharing the table with other diners?


Hey! Just wanted to see if anyone has been to or heard of some of the more recent (this fall) restaurant openings in Montreal... besides the more obvious ones like Salle a Manger, La Montee and Barrocco... Has anyone tried Laurent Godbout's new place on St-Denis called La Fabrique by any chance?

New Restaurant

What other new (fall) restaurants have recently opened in Montreal that are noteworthy?