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thistle hill tavern?-south slope

I've been twice now and it's fantastic. Sat outside the first night, a Thursday, and had a leisurely small meal that I thoroughly enjoyed: zucchini pancakes, green pea felafel, hamburger with amazing crispy thick fries, and a citrusy Patron cocktail. Second visit was last night with a larger group and it was even more amazing. The staff was attentive and mellow in spite of a packed house: spectacular goat cheese to start, market salad, zucchini gratin, a buttermilk cake for dessert and another Patron cocktail. You've got to try this place!!

May 30, 2010
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Has anybody tried Trois Pommes (Park Slope patisserie) ice cream or sorbet?

I have tried them and liked them, though the best advertisement I've seen was a young girl dripping purple sorbet all down her chin and her front. Their pastry prices are somewhat ridiculous, BUT their product is head and shoulders above what's available in the area. Try slices of the pies, interesting cookies from the large-ish's well worth the price for such a high quality indulgence.

Apr 09, 2010
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Delicious meals (with a toddler) - any suggestions?

Thanks to everyone for these promising leads. The only one I'd heard of (though never tried) is Full Moon. I'm excited for our trip and plan to report back!

I read good things about Ula Cafe and Canto 6. Would you recommend one over the other?

Full Moon
344 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Delicious meals (with a toddler) - any suggestions?

We will be in Boston from Tues-Sat, staying one night in JP and three in Kendall Square (with a car). We've enjoyed meals at Mulan, Matt Murphy's, Friendly Toast, Eastern Standard and some casual places in the North End....and, in pre-baby days, loved meals at Neptune's Oyster, B&G Oysters, The Fireplace, and always meant to try Les Zygomates.

We like places that are slightly off the beaten path and aren't much of a scene.

What new or not so new places you would recommend we try? I'm not averse to traveling outside of the city. Thanks for your help!

Matt Murphy's
14 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445

Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

The Friendly Toast
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Rose Water, Stone Park, Convivium?

I've never been to Convivium and am a fan of Stone Park, but I do recommend Rosewater for a special occasion. If you let them know when you reserve, they are incredibly sweet and do special things. (I write as someone who got engaged there and have gone on to have several special occasion meals at the restaurant.) I don't think Rosewater will disappoint, particularly if you get a cozy corner table.

Sep 24, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

dark n stormys

I've become hooked on the Buttermilk Channel variation on a Dark and Stormy. They add a touch of pomegranate juice and squeeze of lemon (I know that's heresy) and it's delicious. Give it a try.

Jul 01, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Late-May trip with a toddler (!?) and healthy-eating hubby

Thanks again, everyone, for your helpful recommendations. We ended up cooking more than we ate out, but we made note of many places we want to try on our next visit.

Here's a brief report:

- We had an enjoyable late-afternoon lunch at Tout de Suite in Algiers Point. It was a perfect spot to rest a spell on a hot and humid day. The staff were great, the place was sleepy, and our meals were really good.
- Cochon was also a hit. It felt a lot like a NYC restaurant in style and quality of service. Everything was delicious, especially my Lane Cake doused with the perfect amount of bourbon. My only beef is that the otherwise-wonderful wait staff were so clearly pushing alcohol to get up the tab. It seemd a little desperate for an otherwise classy place. Anyone else have that experience?
- We had another pleasant lunch at Stanley! I particularly liked my burger and the staff were fantastic with our daughter.
- Sadly, I took our hotelier's recommendation and opted for Upperline on our only other night with babysitting coverage. It was....OK. I can see why the place would appeal to regulars and everyone there was warm and welcoming. I wish we'd have gone to August, though, or someplace similarly spectacular.

I wish we'd have tried Green Goddess. We walked by and it looked like people were having a lot of fun there.

Any recommendations of places to fit that 'spectacular' goal I mentioned above? I can't wait to come back....

Jun 16, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in New Orleans

General Greene - review

I've been to General Greene several times and really enjoyed it. It's particularly good if you go with a big group and can sample a number of the small plates. The sheer variety of flavors and preparations is part of what always impresses me about the place. The menu also evolves seasonally and regularly, which makes a nice change from Brooklyn restaurants that stick with one menu year in and year out. I've found the staff increasingly friendly and approachable, too. The desserts and coffee are particularly good, so stick around next time - desserts are how the chef made his name!
I agree that the tab often is surprisingly high, particularly since I tend to have a drink or two and eat with people who also drink. I'm finding that I need to cut back on the habit in order to economize a little more.

Has anyone tried the breakfast there?

Jun 08, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Good weekend child friendly brunch in Park Slope or Carroll Gardens?

It's too late for your family brunch - which I hope was great - but we've brought friends to Get Fresh on 5th Avenue with great feedback. I prefer them mid-week, when things are quieter and you can sit for a long time in the back garden, but the brunch offerings are good and they're very, very relaxed about children. Stumptown coffee, too.

Jun 07, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Does good Indian exist in Brooklyn?

I tend to go to Joy when I can (not often and they don't deliver to my area) and then to Kinara or Bombay Grill when I really want Indian. I've had surprisingly good rice and saag paneer at Kinara, actually, though certain things (samosa for example) are terrible and things are over-salted in general.
It's not as bad as the situation with Chinese restaurants, but it's pretty awful!

Jun 07, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Where to Eat: Now Working in Gowanus 3rd Avenue and 8th Street

Welcome to the neighborhood! If you're looking only for ordering in, I'd recommend the following (in no particular order): Song (Thai), Peppino's (Italian), Rachel's (reasonably OK Mexican), Ten (sushi), Anthony's (Italian), Peppe's (pizza and panini, although they're a little quirky), and Watana (Thai). There's no good Chinese anywhere in the area, in my opinion. Kinara is good Indian.
Also, Sidecar is worth a trip up the hill to 5th Avenue for after-work drinks and bar snacks.
There always seem to be new places cropping up on 3rd more toward Carroll, so it's worth a walk in that direction to check things out.

Jun 07, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Coconut Milk Powder in Brooklyn?

Report on cupcakes! (Thanks again for your suggestions, by the way.) The recipe came out well, though it was extraordinarily rich; I noticed that people ate more of the other cupcakes at the party. Both the batter and the frosting contained a ton of butter. Although they had a nice, mellow coconut flavor to them, I don't think I'd make the recipe again.

I'll have to figure out some creative uses for the remaining coconut milk powder now.

Jun 07, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Coconut Milk Powder in Brooklyn?

I ended up going to a Southeast Asian market in Chinatown (Asia Market, 71 Mulberry St) and found it there.

It's used in West Indian as well as Southeast Asian recipes, as an addition to a curry for instance. Apparently you can find it pretty readily in Flatbush West Indian markets.

I'm actually using it for a cupcake recipe I found on epicurious:

I'll let you know how it turns out!

Jun 03, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Finger sandwiches for party?

Sadly, with Tempo Presto closed, I have no reliable local place to get sandwiches for a party in the park. Does anyone have a place in the Slope or Carroll Garden you'd recommend?

Jun 01, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Coconut Milk Powder in Brooklyn?

I've looked in several places but haven't found coconut milk powder. Do you know of a store in the general vicinity of the Slope (Sunset Park, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, or downtown) that might have it?

Thanks for your help.

May 31, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Late-May trip with a toddler (!?) and healthy-eating hubby

Thank you, everyone, for such thoughtful and ample responses to my post! I can't wait and will report back to you. If you want any NYC eating tips, just let me know!

May 11, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in New Orleans

Late-May trip with a toddler (!?) and healthy-eating hubby

I'm planning a trip with my husband and young daughter and could use some advice on places that would be hospitable to a squirmy toddler at lunch and a few early dinners. We're also planning to get a babysitter for one or two nights, so any recommendations of excellent places for dinner and cocktails (don't have to be the same places) would be much appreciated.

Garden District is where we'll probably stay, so I was already thinking Casamento's and Camellia Grill for lunches. Any lunch spots that are casual and serve food on the healthier side?

For our evenings out, I was thinking of Commander's Palace or Delachaise and August (which I tried for the first time in 2007 and loved).

Can you suggest any bars with good atmosphere where we could linger over drinks one of those nights out? I was thinking Vaughn's Lounge might be fun, if Kermit is playing, but is it too far to go?

Thank you in advance!

Apr 23, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in New Orleans

Help: 30th Bday in Carroll Gardens or Slope

You could try to work with Pacifico on this, for Mexican and strong margaritas.

I arranged a birthday dinner at Long Tan and was pleasantly surprised by it: the manager was easy to work with on pricing and menu items; we essentially had half the restaurants; and people enjoyed the food and cocktails. They can definitely manage a group of your size.

I've heard great things bout birthday events in the private dining area of Convivium Osterium, but have never been there myself. Not sure how many they can accommodate, though.

Good luck!

Mar 16, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

General Greene

I went last night with a friend and had an amazing meal, the best I've had in a long while. Here's what we got:

deviled eggs
radish and sea salt salad
lamb and cucumber salad
vegetable ragout (indescribably delicious)
ham and gruyere bread pudding (wow)
chicken pot pie
very good cocktails
salt-encrusted chocolate chip cookies for dessert

Because the menu is all small plate options, you get a lot of face time with the wait staff. I've seen some on-line reviews objecting to their 'hovering,' but I didn't find it problematic. They brought the dishes in perfect order and were appropriately attentive.

Try it out if you haven't done so yet.

Feb 12, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Sandwiches in Park Slope?

I love the sandwiches at Press 195, but I think they're completing a big renovation and won't open for another few weeks.
Other options you should try are Tempo takeout and Pollio. I've tried Catene Deli (4th Avenue and 9th Street) based on chowhound recommendations of it being the best for chicken cutlet sandwiches; there were certainly a number of folks in there getting juicy eggplant parms, etc.

Feb 12, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Delicious Brunch at Get Fresh

I haven't seen any posts about it, so I wanted to let people know that brunch at Get Fresh ( is terrific.

The room is whitewashed and has large windows at the back, so it was light, bright, and warm on a cold afternoon. There are banquettes and the staff let us linger a really long time (there's free WiFi too). I had a breakfast burrito with braised pork that I'm still thinking about, it was so well prepared and not too salty, which you find all too often at restaurants.

Best thing was the countless refills of Stumptown coffee....yum, yum. Give this place a try. They have two options for Valentine's Day, eating in or getting a prepared meal to take home. If you want the take-home option you need to order by 2/12.

Feb 11, 2009
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Went to Ellis Bar Sunday Night in South Slope!

I went to Ellis this week and, though, I'm glad to have them in the neighborhood, I'm a little concerned about their longevity. The bartender and chef both came over and are super-sweet and welcoming. The food needs to be kicked up a notch, though, it's a little...boring frankly. And we had white wine sangria that tasted a bit too much like Hawaiian Punch.

The bar scene looked pretty good: free food, a talkative and great bartender. The space is lovely as well. I'm fairly certain they're going through just-opened growing pains, but if not....

Aug 08, 2008
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs


I went to the South Slope branch today for lunch and was really impressed. It's got all the hallmarks of a family business: careful service; watchful, silent older Italian man speaking to the staff (his kids?) in Italian; delicious food that they take time to prepare.

I always share the story from when they first opened. I went in to pick up a pie I'd ordered and was presented with two pies. They explained that the first pie had shifted when they took it out of the oven and gotten a little crinkle in it; the extra pie was to make up for the additional wait time. Now that's old Brooklyn style...

Aug 01, 2008
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Went to Ellis Bar Sunday Night in South Slope!

I've never heard of the place. Where is it?

Aug 01, 2008
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

where to buy mini cupcakes in brooklyn?

Baked has mini cupcakes (I think). And they'll deliver if you're buying for a crowd...

Aug 01, 2008
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Wedding Brunch for 40 - $20/head?

Anyone on the board have recommendations for a wedding brunch later this summer for approximately 40 people? No one has much money, so $20/head is the price range. Yes, including one drink per person.

Thanks for your help!

Jun 29, 2008
Brooklyn Hound in Manhattan

Survey: Where do you shop in Park Slope?

As a non-Coop member, I shop at different stores for different things. C-Town on 9th street for staples or if I can't muster the trip to Fairway. Fairway whenever I can make it there. Fresh Direct when life is too chaotic for a Fairway trip. And Union Market if I want to treat myself or need higher-end meat, fish or other items, say for a dinner party.
I've tried the local fishmongers and haven't been ecstatic with any of them; I'm told Fish Tales in Cobble Hill is worth the trip. I try to go to a local butcher - A&R Pork I think it's called, across the street from La Villa - but am most pleased with Fairway.

Nov 16, 2007
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

south parkslope?

Where did you end up going?

Here's what I would recommend next time you're in the neighborhood.

Piramide, on 5th between 12th and 13th, has really good food, albeit of the striving-too-hard-to-be-nuevo variety. Really good. I particularly enjoyed brunch there.
Sidecar has a fun bar-like vibe, a great decor, and the food is good, kind of like a bar menu for a whole restaurant.
Mura, which is in 5th Avenue on the other side of 9th Street, is good Japanese food and the staff is really great.
I'd avoid KitchenBar and, unless you're planning a night of drinking with friends, Bar-Be-Cue (or however you spell it) too.

Nov 14, 2007
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Croissant recommendation

I'm too late to help you, but wanted to let others know of the following two places with excellent croissant. Almondine Bakery in DUMBO ( and Delices de Paris in South Slope are wonderful places. Almondine has better atmosphere and seating, but Delices has the added bonus of great roule au raisin. Enjoy!

Nov 07, 2007
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs

Convivium or Rose Water?

Although it's a little silly to respond to a question that originated in 2005, I'm taking the bait because I never understand people's slavish devotion to Al di la. Yes, the ingredients are high quality, the owners are delightful people, and it's a warm quirky room...but the seating is too packed and - frankly - the menu really doesn't change all that much. And pasta with butter sauce (a variation of which is always on the menu) seems about as challening a dish as pb&j. Just my bias, I guess.

I happen to have a real preference for Rosewater and want to note that there's a new chef (their 3rd since they opened, by the way) who seems to have trained in some excellent places. We're planning to see how he's changed things up and I'll post a review to the board.

Oct 22, 2007
Brooklyn Hound in Outer Boroughs