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Guindilla Peppers

Any idea where I might be able to find pickled guindilla peppers locally?

I'm looking for a jar like this:

Thanks in advance!

Sep 15, 2010
ladylivewire in Texas

Family/Baby-Friendly Restaurants

I totally agree. It's so much easier when they are infants and sleep so much. I took my daughter to Mars last year when she was a couple of months old and she slept through almost the entire meal. This year we've done Perla's twice and we've had to be more creative in keeping her entertained.

As long as you are prepared to take your child outside to console if he or she starts crying, then I'd try almost anywhere.

I like places that have good walking areas outside, like the Domain, South Congress, so you have somewhere to go/something to look out if you need to take the kiddo out of the restaurant for awhile.

The other thing I do is to let the host/hostess know when I make reservations that we'll have a small child with us. I figure that way they can stick us at a table in the back/off to the side/etc.

Dec 02, 2009
ladylivewire in Austin


I took the Pure Luck class a few years back and it was great. They do it in May each year, after the kids are born. They'll put the info up on their website when it gets closer.

Nov 21, 2009
ladylivewire in Austin

Soup for strep

It really is simple. The magic is in the broth. I wish I knew enough about Thai flavors to know exactly what goes into it, but I do know that there is rice, chunks of white meat chicken and sliced celery. And fried garlic bits on top, which may be the secret healing ingredient.

Mam's also makes a terrific duck soup, but I save that one for when I'm healthy and have my full sense of taste available to me.

Oct 22, 2009
ladylivewire in Austin

Soup for strep

P19 with chicken at Madam Mam's is a magical healing soup. It also happens to be delicious.

Oct 22, 2009
ladylivewire in Austin

Where can I find an ice cream cake?

Ben and Jerry's stores sell ice cream cakes. I had a Phish Food one a few years ago.

Nov 13, 2008
ladylivewire in Austin