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Charlotte NC - Mesophilic DVI MA culture?

I can't imagine you could buy it locally, but here are two good onlline sources:

May 20, 2012
moonmeadow in Southeast

Hot Spring/Asheville, NC

That was the Bridge Street Cafe, and they (unfortunately) closed several years ago. The Mountain Magnolia is nothing special, food-wise. I would have to second the hot tubs:

Aug 31, 2011
moonmeadow in Southeast


It's been a couple of years since I've been out to Ocracoke, and I just looked at the menu online for The Hatterasman---no more fish tacos?? Or sushi? It just looks like a regular burger joint now! Anybody been there recently?

, Hatteras, NC 27943

Oct 15, 2010
moonmeadow in Southeast

Adios French Broad Taqueria...:(

It's true, unfortunately. There are some talks about possible rescue plans, but it doesn't look too promising right now. Bummer, huh?


Thank you everyone for the recommendations. Everyone we've talked to who has been to Edisto seems to love it. We'll definitely try the Old Firehouse, and I'm looking forward to checking out Main's, too.


Hello all. My family and I are going to Edisto for the first time this October. It sounds like the Post Office is gone (I've been reading about them for years and I'm heartbroken---I waited too long!). I'm wondering what else is on the island. Any favorites y'all can recommend?

ATTN:asheville hounds- fantastic taqueria in marshall

Welcome to the area! I have a Marshall address, but I live out in Shelton Laurel. I've been dying to try the taqueria---friends keep telling me how great it is---but I never seem to be in town when it's open. Though last night I was---it was my husband and my 20th anniversary which we celebrated at Stoney Knob.

favorite comfort food

Coquina chowder is easy to make; it's not about the meat from the coquinas---it's the broth. We make it when we visit the gulf coast, where we can dig coquinas by the bucketful.

Sep 06, 2007
moonmeadow in General Topics