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in search of coffee house nw yyc

Has anyone been to Planet Coffee Roasters lately?
101, 83 Bowridge Drive NW

It is very close to Tuscany. That being said, being a Tuscany resident myself, the trip to Kensington is a short one, particularly if good coffee is involved.

Dec 16, 2010
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

YYC South Centre area lunch spots

For the first time in 10 years after moving to NW Calgary I am headed to South Centre this weekend. I am looking for a non-chain lunch spot in the vicinity (preferably south of Heritage Drive) - ethnic food suggestions welcome. Tu Tierra is the one place I have been in the area so I would love a different suggestion. Any hidden gems around there?

Tu Tierra Restaurant
8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

Dec 01, 2010
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Canmore update?

Loved the Trough. Both the food and service were excellent during my last visit, but I haven't been in about 10 months. Not sure if things have changed since then though.

Regarding the soccer moms - my kids do play soccer and I have eaten at Crazyweed (sometimes it was good, other times so so) so perhaps I am the offending party - though I would have been there with my husband each time so I would suggest that soccer dads are equally offensive when judging the food at a restaurant ;)

Mar 09, 2010
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Sushi in the YYC

Thanks Sharonanne - that is what I suspected regarding the quality, though I had really hoped there had been some sort of resurgence. Looks like we will continue to do the drive to pick up from Misato.

Oct 08, 2009
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Sushi in the YYC

Has anyone been to Sushi Boat lately? I stopped going a few years ago when it seemed to go downhill, particularly when I got take out, but I just had my third child and it is very close to home so I am considering a return. [If you do frequent Sushi Boat don't worry about telling me it is good - I won't be taking the three kids there - just doing take out!]

Oct 08, 2009
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Where to eat in Waterton Lakes

Update on Waterton: having just returned I found the Lampost is no longer operating out of Vimy's (was only there for the off season), thus there is no Lampost for summer 2009. Dinner at Vimy's was hit and miss in terms of food, but the service was very friendly.
The new place called Trapper's Grill (where the New Frank was for many a year) was okay, but served a very wilted salad.
Sadly Tuscana is gone, though the very similar Bel Lago is in its place. However, I did not eat there as I was afraid my kids would order the Nathan's hot dog - listed at $12; this seemed a bit much to me. If you are desparte for a Nathan's hotdog while in Waterton I unerstand it is only $8 at the golf club cafe.
We had the mandatory lunch at Zum's. I will give them points for remarkably fast service.
By far the best food I had all week was lunch at Pearl's (same ownership as Vimy's but across the street). Everyone in the party agreed that lunch at Pearl's is the best food and value in Waterton at present.

Jul 12, 2009
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Where to eat in Waterton Lakes

I have found that the Lampost is not what it used to be - over the last few years it has been hit and miss. I have found Tuscana's to be consistent for italian. I would definately rule out Zum's!

Jun 29, 2009
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Applicance Replacement Parts - Not worth it to replace/refurbish

My math works like ccbweb's for the first replacement part. I spent $15 1 year ago for a replacement part for a 10 year old blender - seemed to make more sense then sending the whole thing to a landfill. That part has now failed, so I am on to a new blender.

Nov 30, 2008
amhaffen in Cookware

The Eatery's sushi (Vancouver)

In the end my friend got a reservation at Tojo's and we all (even the non-sushi lover) enjoyed omakase. HIghlights were a sashimi tuna dish with a vinegar sauce, an "egg custard" (as described by the server) with fantastic flavour and grilled fish in broth below the custard, and the sushi itself. The combinations of flavours in the sushi rolls were delicious. I have read both good and bad reports of Tojo's on the board, but aside from one dish consisting of halibut coated in cracker crumbs (server's description) with extremely tough shrimp (took me awhile to even fgure out what they were), everything was excellent both from a food and a service perspective. Definately the evening of Vancouver sushi I was looking for, though I must return and try the other places suggested!

The Eatery's sushi (Vancouver)

Yes, I believe the Vancouver Rowing Club is in Stanley Park. Given that the Eatery is in the vicinity of the places suggested I assume this is not an issue for my friend who is driving. I have had sushi in Japan and I am looking for an authentic food experience Vancouver-style more so than a fun and lively atmosphere (the dinner companions will make up for this).

The Eatery's sushi (Vancouver)

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the information on atmosphere.
I have compiled the information and sent it to my friend so he can choose from all the places suggested; seemed the least I could do since I vetoed The Eatery.
The dinner is next Friday. I will report back!

The Eatery's sushi (Vancouver)

I have the opportunity to spend one evening in Vancouver and plan to eat as much good sushi as I can. My dining companion is a non-sushi lover who otherwise enjoys Japanese food and has suggested The Eatery as a compromise. I've had a look at the menu and they seem to specialize in inventive rolls. What I am wondering is how it stacks up to Vancouver sushi in general. Alternative restuarant suggestions for restaurants that serve great sushi and non-sushi are welcome, ideally located somewhere in the vicinity of the Vancouver Rowing Club. Though I love my dinner companion, this is my one shot at Vancouver sushi!

Wondering about Wa's (CGY)

Thanks for the info miss.foodie! I'm glad to hear they are still going strong - I have never had an experience like that with a restaurant calling for days with no answer. I was still getting no answer Monday noon so we went elsewhere. To satisfy my curiousity after reading your post I called and asked - bad timing on my part they were closed last weekend.

Wondering about Wa's (CGY)

Can anyone fill me in on the current status of Wa's? I have been calling since Friday but there is no answer. I went today to see what was happening; unfortunately I arrived between lunch and dinner. There was no notice I could see about a longer closure, but still no answer when I called tonight. I had plans to meet a colleague there tomorrow night so I am running out of time! Any info appreciated.

Cowboy Trail

Memories Inn in Longview had a pretty dismal report on inspection about a year ago (see link); I would be curious as to whether things have improved.

Children's books about food...

My Daughter just got this for her birthday:
Illustrated by: Ashley Spires
Release Date: 9/1/06
Publisher: Orca Books

Together a girl and her mother make sushi, biscotti, houska, canja, couscous,
megadarra, smorgastarta, crepes, jambalaya, and samosas.
Nice pictures, interesting foods!

Nov 06, 2007
amhaffen in Food Media & News

best indian food calgary

Green Chili in the NW is great for take out - no seating but wonderful food.
Located at Hilltop Plaza
2128 Crowchild Tr. NW

Sep 05, 2007
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Sushi find in CALGARY

Tried it for lunch today - I cannot resist a sushi find. The lunch special of sushi and sashimi for 14.95 was what you would typically get as a dinner special for around $20.
It was all good!

Home meal delivery recs in Calgary needed

I've tried the Liberated cook once, but sampled four different dishes and all were good. I have not tried the Copper Pot.

Jan 03, 2007
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Dining report - Foothills Hospital, Calgary

One more place to mention - a small family run eatery on the main floor of the Grace, right at the entrance.
Very tasty desserts and pretty good lunch specials, particularly when compared to the other Foothills offerings.

Oct 10, 2006
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Panko Bread Crumbs in Calgary

Both Co-op and Sobey's carry them.

Sep 23, 2006
amhaffen in Prairie Provinces

Organic Express/SPUD

We used SPUD for a little while and they certainly were accommodating with refunds. Our main problem with it was that there were good weeks and bad weeks in terms of quality, which defeated our goal of not spending time out shopping as we would end up shopping during the bad weeks.

Globefish - Calgary

Misato is at 420, 1851 Sirocco Dr in the SW - in the same complex as the Sunterra. Their sushi is consistent (good rice) and if you like rolls the calgary special roll at 15.50 is a full meal of fish. The sushi and sashimi itself is good but pricier than some other places, whereas the rolls are a great deal.

I cannot remember the exact names of the rolls I had at globefish - something like the cherry blossom roll and the pacific roll - the two on the bottom right of the front page of the menu. I wondered if the rice had suffered because they were so busy that night, but there just wasn't anything else redeeming about the rolls themselves.

Globefish - Calgary

I am an avid sushi eater headed out to try Globefish yesterday. The sashimi itself was great but the bug crawling in the greens accompanying them was not (and they charged us for it - the sashimi, not the bug). I had heard great things about the rolls but found them to be very bland and dependent on the seasame seaweed for flavour. In comparison, Misato makes fantastic rolls that stand alone, and for the same price as those at Globefish they are a feast.