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(Still) ISO Meyer Lemons

I just saw them at the Fresh Market by Rts. 1 & 202 (on Route 1 in the big shopping center with Borders, Ruby's Diner, Ann Taylor Loft, etc). I think that they were about 2.99/pound.

Good luck!

Feb 01, 2010
jennzisme in Philadelphia

ISO Meyer Lemons

I think that I saw them at the Fresh Market about 2-3 weeks ago. The Fresh Market is in Glen Mills PA, right down the road from the Rt. 1 and 202 intersection. If I stop in there this weekend I will check and let you know.

Nov 14, 2009
jennzisme in Pennsylvania

Baltimore...private party room

I had a 30-person private party in the upstairs room at Max's on Broadway ( We had the whole room to ourselves, they let you control the music if you want (or use satellite), and have AV equipment in case anyone wants to create a slideshow. They work with you on menu (typically you give them an idea of amount of money per person then you work together to figure out food options). Having the whole upstairs was great and gave the party a fun feel - plus, they have a bartender upstairs as well. Casual, but fun!

Max's On Broadway
735 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Ideas for celebration dinner in Baltimore?

Thanks for all the suggestions! I just wanted to let you know we ended up going to Max's on Broadway and it was GREAT! They worked with me on fitting the menu within our budget and we had the entire upstairs for our party. It was perfect for the 25 or so people, they had a bartender for us, and it was the perfect celebratory atmosphere. We had food off of their menu on a buffet, cash bar, and the food was tasty. If anyone is looking for a fun birthday place or celebratory place to go in Baltimore that is casual - I would definitely recommend it!

Ideas for celebration dinner in Baltimore?

I am defending my dissertation in early December (wahoo!) and am looking for a place to celebrate that night (a Tuesday). There will be about 20-30 people and I am looking for a place that won't break the bank as the majority of people attending will be grad students. I want it to have a fun, casual atmosphere and good drinks. My only ideas at this point are something like Red Star ( or maybe Duclaw ( Do you have any ideas for a casual fun place that can hold that many people (without making the grad students take out any more student loans!). It would be great if it within walking distance of a bar to finish out the night as well!