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Melvins, Elizabethtown NC off I-95


I used to eat at Melvin's, when my family and I would stop in Elizabethtown on the way to the beach. It has been at least a year since I went there last, but I can definitely tell you that their hamburgers are very, very good. Don't count on anything fancy; it's simple but very tasty. If I made a list of the top 5 places I've ever had a burger, Melvin's would definitely be on it. Hope you at least try it, and let us know what you think. I'd be interested to see how good Melvin's still is these days.

one more for Durham, NC - where to get good wings?

Hey Tom, no offense taken! Thanks for your recommendations, I will definitely try The Pit at some point soon. I have been to Tyler's in Durham; they have some pretty good beers on tap and I do frequent Sam's Blue Light from time to time (I agree - their selection is huge). Maybe I misunderstood what you meant by "local craft beer scene". Did you mean places that sell or serve craft beers in general or craft beers made in NC?

AND I have to ask you, though it's way off topic - what did you come up with in terms of local places to get an approximation of the chicago style hot dog or an italian beef sandwich?

Durham, NC - Seeking decent pizza

klaatu47 (nice reference with the name, btw) and suse - I will try Bocci's brick oven pizza soon; it's very close to where I live. Sausage pie with sauteed greens on the side sounds really good! Thanks for the suggestion... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I remember going to Bocci's once before and NOT being impressed whatsoever with the pasta dish I ordered... let's hope for better in the case of the brick oven pizza.

one more for Durham, NC - where to get good wings?

RosemaryHoney - thanks for the wing recipe; I will definitely give it a shot next time I have company over to watch a ballgame! And for the record, I have to agree... there are some great places to get BBQ and tacos in NC, but I have yet to find a craft beer made in NC that is on my top 10 list :-)

one more for Durham, NC - where to get good wings?

Tom, you're right. Wings aren't exactly "NC food"... just got the urge for them the other day, hence the note. You never know where you might find good sort of ANY variety - experience has taught me that much. You mentioned BBQ - any recommendations on where to get good BBQ in the Triangle area? What about tacos?

I have heard of Bull City wings, and will definitely give them a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

one more for Durham, NC - where to get good wings?


I recently have been on the search for a place to get good chicken wings (preferably takeout) around the Durham, NC area. My nearest (and really only dedicated) option is Wingstop. Can't say I am the biggest fan of their wings, however, largely due to the fact that they're literally the smallest wings I've ever seen, and the flavors are just BLAH. I realize there are several places around that don't specialize in wings, but serve them nonetheless. I remember trying wings at Randy's Pizza, randomly enough, a few years back and recalling them being not bad. However, I have NO idea who/where other places serve good wings. I prefer hot wings, I don't care if they're fried or baked, and as I mentioned earlier, I'd prefer a place that I can call up and do a takeout order for game nights. Even if anyone has a do-it-yourself recipe for wings that are really good and worth the time and effort in lieu of buying them at a restaurant, I'm all ears!!! As far as flavors go, I'm open to anything, but definitely prefer hot wings. Having been to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY (home of the buffalo wing), my expectations are high, but I have an open mind nonetheless...


Durham, NC - Seeking decent pizza

Greetings 'Hounders,

Are there any good pizza places in Durham, preferably closer to Fayetteville Rd/Southpoint Mall area?

I'm looking for something different... definitely NOT the standard chains (i.e. I am not interested in places like Domino's, Pizza Hut, etc.) I have tried Randy's Pizza at several locations as well as Amante's. Both are decent, definitely several steps ahead of the typical chain restaurants, but nothing truly special. I almost hate to say it, but I do have a soft spot for I Love NY Pizza, though the freshness and variety of the toppings at Amante's put it to shame. Maybe it's the crust I like. Also gave Mellow Mushroom a shot...enjoy it very much, but it's too far away for a weeknight.

Any suggestions?

Recommended Mexican restaurants in Chapel Hill/Carrboro?

Follow up to my original question: So my father and I made the long trek from Durham all the way out to Fiesta Grill (which I at several times thought I had been given wrong directions... the restaurant is definitely a good ways outside of main street Carrboro). There was no wait, and the family (?) who ran it greeted us as if we'd been coming there for years. Staff overall were exceptionally friendly, courteous and very forthcoming with recommendations when we asked. They were attentive as well, refills never had to be asked for, and our waitress brought us a couple of different kinds of salsas when I asked. The red (hot) salsa is worth the drive alone.

My dad ordered Steak al Carbon, and I chose the catfish tacos. Both dishes were, in a word, phenomenal The waitress described the fish tacos as "definitely not greasy", and I have to concur. They were beautifully spiced, and the fish itself was incredibly fresh tasting. Dad's steak was marinated superbly, and we ended up finishing each other's plates. An interesting note: While the restaurant was definitely tex-mex (and not necessarily traditional mexican), they didn't slather on the sour cream, guacamole and cheese. In fact, between us both, there was only a bit of cheese added to the refried beans on my plate... no sour cream or guacamole to be found anywhere (though you CAN order them). The beauty of that was that they just weren't needed! The FOOD, not the CONDIMENTS, spoke for themselves. The menu at Fiesta Grill is also quite deep; I found at least a dozen dishes I immediately wanted to try... and most of them are light years away from the relatively dull stuff you find at typical tex-mex restaurants. Needless to say, we will be going back.

A word about my father: He is easily the most nitpicking person I have ever met when it comes to food, and he loved his meal there. Fiesta Grill most definitely gets my highest recommendation, and I would have to say it's the best mexican (okay, tex-mex), I have had in the triangle area. Fussycouple posted that people drive all the way from Raleigh just to eat there and then turn around and go home. I can see why. I am looking forward to trying Mez and Tonali at some point too. THANKS, chowhounders, for the recommendation - Fiesta Grill is now on my top 10 list !

Recommended Mexican restaurants in Chapel Hill/Carrboro?

Chowhounds, can anyone recommend good Mexican restaurants in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area? I'm looking for something reasonably priced and obviously very tasty, but NOT standard Tex-Mex, like El Dorado (or at least the El Dorado that used to be on E. Franklin).Despite having lived there, I haven't been to the area in quite some time, hence this email. I will be in the area tonight, so I know that this is last-minute, but any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you could also add which dish(es) you recommend in particular, that'd be a bonus. Thanks!