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food in the film "stranger than fiction"

hi all,

i'm getting my masters degree in gastronomy at boston university, and am currently working on a term paper exploring food themes in the film "stranger than fiction." i'm particularly interested in how the film deals with issues of gender, emotional eating, food memories, and sharing food with others.

i've been searching for sources to include in my paper, as well as new ideas to explore - but i haven't found hardly any articles, reviews, or discussions on this topic. surely i'm not the only one who's noticed that food is fairly significant in this film!

has anyone seen any articles, film reviews, discussions, or anything else related to the use of food in this film? or does anyone have any ideas of things to pursue that i haven't mentioned?

thanks for any help you can give - my writer's block is getting the best of me, and this board is always good for getting my mind working again.


one-stop birthday drinks spot

good life reads exactly like what i want. i'm falling into the trap of getting bogged down by too many online reviews - good life gets mixed ones and a lot of people mention rude bartenders. thoughts?

one-stop birthday drinks spot

thanks so much for the suggestions - i'll definitely check out middlesex lounge and enormous room, although both get pretty mixed reviews online for being small.

any other places i should look at?

one-stop birthday drinks spot

that actually sounds great - the only thing is that a bunch of people are coming from the north shore, and jp's a pretty long haul for them. i'll definitely put it on the list though :) thank you!

one-stop birthday drinks spot

sorry, i hate to add yet another birthday request, but i haven't seen any threads quite like what i'm looking for.

my 25th birthday is next week, and i want a sexy, fun place to get drinks with a decent-sized group - could be 12, could be 20 people. i'm not worried about dinner, just drinks and dancing.

i'm trying to find a place with a bit of everything - it would be so great to just pick one spot that would keep everyone happy. most people will want to dance at least some, but i don't want the bar to be so loud that people can't sit and have a conversation too, or at least to have another floor or area with nice seating. we're an energetic bunch that loves good beer and strong drinks, but i don't want a place that's so expensive that people won't come out.

i'm not too picky about where this place is - i've got people coming from all over, so the north end, downtown, fenway, southie, or cambridge is fine. i live in somerville, so that works too. we'll be going out next saturday night, so hopefully this fantasy spot won't make us wait in line for an hour!

thanks so much for any help you can give - i know this is a lot to ask.

looking for a great couple's cooking class

hi there! i'm new to CHOW but it already seems like the perfect place to get to know - my boyfriend and i are big foodies and are always looking for new restaurants and places to try. we also both love to cook, so for his birthday in a few weekends i wanted to take him to a couple's cooking class. we had originally been looking at the cambridge culinary school, but their classes are all filled already. any recommendations for a fun cooking class? it could be at a school or restaurant outside of boston or right in the city, we wouldn't mind going wherever - and i can spend up to $200 for the both of us.

thanks in advance for any help you can give!