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Perfect Margarita

@ "latindancer",

chances are, your crowd won't really know the difference (unfortunately), but for your personal pleasure, the recipe presented in the article is very good. I was pleasantly surprised. The only turn off may be the lack of sweet in regular limes. In that case a teaspoon of Agave Nectar per drink should cure that. But if you're making them for yourself, it's worth it to go to all that trouble. Enjoy your dinner party.

Nov 13, 2008
Negril in Recipes

Perfect Margarita

I have to admit, reading the ingredients isn't all to enticing, but in actually trying it out, it was delicious (with a slight modification). I used unsweetened Meyer Lemons instead of the too tart limes that are usually found in the grocery store. It's still has a limey quality, but with a little more sweet to it. The other great thing about these lemons is that they aren't lemony, which is a quality i only appreciate in my Lemon Meringue Pie.

Also, i drink way too many margaritas to be able to justify using Cointreau, so i use Gran Gala instead. I'd use the Citronage, but alas even that is too pricey for my budget at this point. I'm sure some of you will understand where I'm coming from. So my recipe is as follows:

1.5 ounce 100% Agave Tequila (Milagro or 1800 silver, again for their price)
1 ounce unsweetend fresh Meyer Lemon Juice
0.5 ounce Gran Gala Liqueur

Another important part is to shake adequately over a good amount of ice. This serves to add just the right amount of water to the drink, and chill it sufficiently so as not to need extra ice in your glass of choice. This is especially good if your sipping slowly. And i ALWAYS rim my glass in salt, generously.

I must admit, I'm only now realizing the importance of the 100% agave Tequila, but it make a HUGE difference. And with this recipe, my sugar consumption is greatly reduced. It's a win/win all around; a healthier Margarita that irresistible. How can you top that?

The down side to mixing your own perfect margies at home? I can rarely find a halfway decent one when i go out, and it's the only drink I'm ALWAYS in the mood for...

Nov 11, 2008
Negril in Recipes