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Land O Lakes Deli American Cheese Ontario?

Thanks for the tips! I'll give them a try. I appreciate the help...

Land O Lakes Deli American Cheese Ontario?

I'm looking to buy Deli sliced American cheese. Any tips on where to find it?

I often hear people lump all American cheese in with "Kraft Singles", which they are not. A good American cheese is closer to a Havarti or a mild, salty cheddar. Perfect for melting on burgers!

Where to buy meatballs?

Hi there,
I'm looking for a place in little Italy where I can buy homemade meatballs. Back home there is a great little Italian bakery down the street from me where I can buy fresh meatballs and tomato sauce, and I'd love to find a place like that around here. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Buffet Under $12 Toronto?

Hi there,
I'm looking for a dirt cheap buffet in downtown Toronto. Hopefully something that is not disgusting. I'm sort of surprised by the prices for mediocre buffets around here, so I figure maybe my best bet is to try somewhere cheap but mediocre and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.


Necco Sky Bar Chocolate?

Does anyone know any shops that sell Sky Bars? They have gotten tricky to find lately, and eating one would bring me a wave of nostalgia.

Belgian Fries?

Does anyone know of anywhere in Toronto that serves Belgian Fries? I love this Belgian fry shop called Pommes Frites in NYC (I think they have other locations too...) that has so many delicious sauces (mango chutney!), and would love to find something like it here. So delicious.

Strawberry Picking Toronto

Does anyone know which farms are good for picking your own strawberries close to Toronto? I have found various sites with lists of farms, but hoped I could get a recommendation from the board...

Somewhere scenic and nice preferably!

Lemon Cheesecake Toronto

Does anyone know of a bakery in Toronto that makes a good lemon cheesecake? A fresh lemon cheesecake is a beautiful thing!

Moroccan Mint Tea?

Does anyone know a cafe or restaurant with good Moroccan Mint Tea in downtown Toronto?

New York Pizza

Has anyone come across New York style pizza in Toronto? I'm from Connecticut, and am spoiled with all the delicious New York and New Haven pizzerias. I haven't found anything quite as good while in Toronto. Maybe it's just a matter of taste.

Unpretentious and Delicious Pizza Parlours in Toronto?

Sorry for my maddeningly exact question, but does anyone know of a nice and cozy pizza parlour in Toronto? I miss the type of pizza parlor with brown vinyl booths, dim lighting, amber plastic cups and Italian trivia on the place mats. Just somewhere cozy and unpretentious with decent pizza and affordable prices. Preferably not thin crust. I live in Little Italy, so it would be great to find somewhere close by.

Thanks in advance!